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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Bean Salad with Black Beluga Lentils

The new Food and Wine came out this week.  It had an article on the best new chefs and their quickest and easiest recipes.  Let's just say that most of them I won't make.  But, this one intrigued me.  I had a pound of green beans.  And, a bag of black beluga lentils from Trader Joe's.  The original recipe called for taking two cups of olive oil and cooking it with tomatoes to make tomato oil.  No way I was going to do that!  I love olive oil but couldn't see two cups...  My version turned out really well in spite of my liberally changing it.  I refrigerated it overnight and we had it for lunch the next day.  Connie' comment was that the lentils looked like a bunch of bugs.  You can judge for yourself from the photo. 

Green Bean and Lentil Salad
1 pound green beans, ends snapped
2 T sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
6 slices salami, sliced thinly
1 T olive oil
1 c black beluga lentils, cooked
1 T garlic vinegar
2 T olive oil

Warm the sun dried tomatoes in one tablespoon of olive oil.  Once it's shimmering, add the green beans and saute until they're almost done (about 10 minutes.) 

Add the salami and let it brown.  Add the lentils, oil and vinegar.  Chill overnight.

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