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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potato Cabbage Bacon Torte

Do you have dishes that not only taste wonderful but remind you of wonderful memories of family, friends, places or times?  Me too.  I can't make Chicken Caesar Lasagna without thinking about my stepkids.  It's the first dish all three of them request.  Chicken Green Bean Casserole reminds me of my mom's wonderful friend, Lou.  I could go on and on.  I suppose that's the difference between those of us who live to eat and those who eat to live.  I love different flavor combinations as well as the old, familiar ones.  And, I love the memories different foods bring.  This dish is a case in point.  I first made it about a year ago.  Two dear friends had gotten married and we were going on their honeymoon with them.  I know, that sounds really exciting.  It was, just not quite what you'd expect.  They got married in their backyard on Thursday evening and Saturday evening the four of us were heading downtown to an Indianapolis Indians game, aka their honeymoon :-)

They arrived a bit early as we were sitting down to enjoy dinner.  I offered the other half of the casserole but they had their hearts set on stadium food.  They did, however, consent to take the other half home for the next evening.  That was the first time I made this.  Tonight was either the third or the fourth.  Whatever it was, this remains one of my favorite dishes.  I think Connie told me four times while he was inhaling his how wonderful he thinks this is.  Yes, indeed, it is.  Pretty darned simple and oh, so very good. 

Why, am I reposting the recipe?  Well, I'm not totally.  It's just that last time I forgot to take photos of the finished dish.  And, I have a LOT more readers than I did a year ago.  So, for those of you who find this repetition, I apologize.  For those of you who are new readers, please enjoy.  Next time I make this I may try some variations.  Polish sausage instead of the bacon.  Mix some brussels sprouts into the cabbage.  Here's where you go to find the original recipe:  Potato Torte .


The Mom Chef said...

I love good, simple casseroles like this. It oozes comfort food.

How fun too, that you went on your friends' honeymoon! Indianapolis Indians??

Anonymous said...

See alot of us here in New England can appreciate cabbage to it's fullest, and with bacon and potato, it's a match made in heaven :) Love your photo and recipe.

Lizzy said...

So good to see a new post from my busy friend! I'm getting my hair done and browsing blogs as I wait...but my iPad isn't taking me to the recipe. I look forward to seeing it later as I'm loving the sound of it :)

Kate@Diethood said...

I am a sucker for casseroles. Especially ones that include bacon! :)