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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Eggplant Lasagna Rollups

Sometimes leftovers dictate the meal.  Like the jar of Rao's Eggplant Sauce that I'd used a third of.  Way too expensive to waste.  So, I went into the old memory banks and thought about the pasta dishes I'd made.  We had some baby eggplants on the deck.  We'd used one and it wasn't ok with the seeds in.  How about if I'd roast three of those and mix them with some cottage cheese and a few other things and make lasagna rollups?  Like the mushroom pesto lasagna rollups

The eggplants were trimmed of their tops then halved and coated with olive oil.  20 minutes at 400 and they were perfectly roasted.  I scooped the seeds out then put the flesh into about a cup of cottage cheese.  Remember, these were baby eggplants so there was about two tablespoons of flesh per eggplant.  Some z'atar and garlic got tossed in.  Then, about half a small red onion that I'd minced for the sage/onion bread I made along with a couple of sage leaves got sautéed and tossed in.  And, for good measure I diced a couple of big cremini mushrooms and sautéed them before tossing them in. 

Lasagna noodles got cooked then drained and cooled.  The sauce was smeared on the noodles and they were rolled up.  Topped with the eggplant sauce and baked.  About five minutes before their 20 minute cooking time I tossed on some shredded mozzarella. 

Lasagna rolls, warm mushroom salad topped with St. Agur blue cheese and toasted sage/onion bread.   Dinner was served!  And, that was a good thing since we were at the office until about 6:30... That's on a Sunday evening.  But, we got a lot done and will be going into Monday feeling better about our tasks!