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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pork and Snap Pea Kebabs

The Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in many years.  Like 39.  A LOT of years.  Way back when I was the loan officer for the Fort Wayne Comets I spent plenty of time at hockey games.  But, it's been a LONG time.  And, I'm not a big hockey fan.  But, because I sprained my ankle and that's negatively impacted my ability to finish painting the living room, Connie has been watching the games in the family room.  That's normally my domain if the tv is on.  So, as I type this, I'm dealing with the end of a sprained ankle and a very loud hockey game.  Not my idea of fun.  But, it makes my hubby happy and I love him to pieces so I'll go to bed early and read. 

All of this meant that dinner needed to be quick Wednesday.  I had a recipe that'd be perfect.  We had peas and scallions.  And, it was super quick to make.  So, what did we think?  Very good.  A four out of five.  The original recipe called for cooking this for a total of ten minutes.  Do that if you enjoy pork-flavored shoe leather.  Otherwise, stick to a minute or two per side.  Serve some sauce on the side and some rice underneath.  Oh, and make a skewer of scallions.  They're really the best.

Pork and Snap Pea Kebabs

serves 2

1 pork tenderloin
4 scallions or green onions cut into 2" lengths
12 snap peas
1/4 c hoisin sauce
1 T rice vinegar
1 T soy sauce
1 T ginger, mashed


Mix the hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce and ginger for the sauce.

Cut the tenderloin into 1/2" thick slices.  Thread a piece of tenderloin onto two skewers, followed by three peas, then another piece of pork, then three slices of green onion, then another  piece of pork... until the skewer is full. 

Heat your grill.  Make sure it is really well oiled or the pork will stick like nobody's business!  Put the skewers on the grill on direct heat. 

Cook the first side for no more than two minutes.  One minute is preferable!  Flip the skewers and glaze the cooked side with the sauce.  Cook the 2nd side for one-two minutes.  Serve on a bed of rice with sauce to drizzle.  I tossed a little leftover beef broth into the rice cooking water and it added a bit of flavor that was wonderful. 


Lizzy said...

Oh, Kate, these look magnificent! I don't think I've ever made pork kebabs, but the glaze and flavor must make these outstanding. Hope your ankle is almost mended...what a pain! xo

Monet said...

Hi my dear...I'm also glad that your ankle is almost better. I'm sending more healing thoughts your way! I love the idea of pork kebabs. My mom enjoys pork, so I will send these her way. And Of course...I love snap peas (they are one of my favorite veggies).Thank you for sharing such yummy photos and this tasty recipe. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!