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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Garlic Spaghetti

Years ago I read that there were four types of food people.  I can't remember much about the article but it boiled down to the fact that I crave pasta and butter.  In fact, if forced to choose one category to eliminate from my diet it would be sweets.  Fortunately, Connie feels the same way.

Both of us felt lousy today.  Sore throats, achy, runny noses.  I made it almost through the day then came home at 4:30 and took an hour-long nap.  Connie spent most of the day on the couch at the office.  We were both in the mood for comfort food.

Then, I opened an email from my friend, Shelley, asking for the recipe for garlic spaghetti I'd talked about at our last meeting.  That sealed it.  Garlic spaghetti for dinner.  Shelley, this one's for you!  Just wish you and Bill were here to share!

This recipe is actually Connie's.  I remember the first time he made it for me.  We'd been dating for a few weeks.  He had a rare weekday evening in town and came over to my place and cooked for me.  I know, is he a snag or what?  He wasn't accustomed to keeping leftovers.  I was.  The leftovers went in the fridge for the next evening much to his chagrin.  But, I was oh, so happy to have them and not have to cook that evening! 

Along with the garlic spaghetti, I made one of our favorite salads: Romaine Hearts with Haloumi Matchsticks.   Since the garlic spaghetti is not exactly good for you, I added hearts of palm and beets to the salad.  I think that's going to be a permanent change!

This is one of those super flexible recipes...  Just put it together like you like...

Take butter and melt it.  I used four tablespoons for two of us.  Chop a couple of cloves of garlic - VERY finely please.  Toss them in the melted butter.  Add olive oil.  Not EVOO but the regular stuff.  Add as much olive oil as you've used butter. Then, add in whatever kinds of garlic you've got around the house.  We typically have an open jar of Trader Joe's crushed, garlic powder and garlic salt.  If you don't have crushed garlic,  you might roast some and squish it in.  Now, leave that on very low heat and let it get happy for about half an hour. 

Get your pasta water ready.  And, get some parsley chopped.  And, some cheese grated.  We use whatever's around - or a mix thereof.  Parmesan, romano, grana padano, gruyere... 

Cook your pasta and drain it.  We prefer thin spaghetti but you can use anything you want.  Add the pasta to the garlic butter and toss it well.  Pile it in pasta bowls and top with some parsley and cheese.  Inhale the fabulous aroma.  Nothing like it, is there?  Time to eat :-)

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The Mom Chef said...

I make a version of this when I need a quick comfort food meal too! We all love it. I also match you stride for stride with regard to dropping sweets first. I can do without them, but leave me my pasta (I just felt my doctor shudder at that one).

I hope the two of you get better quicky!