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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pulled Pork Reuben's

We made a new recipe for pulled pork.  It was supposed to be in the slow cooker but instead we did it in the pressure cooker.  No matter.  It was pretty darned blah.  And, there I was with three pounds of pulled pork...

So, for lunch I mixed some barbecue sauce and blue cheese and made bbq sandwiches.  Good.  A decent second meal.  Now to come up with something interesting for a few more...

How about pork chili?  Sounded good but probably needed more cooking time than I was interested in on a weeknight.  I was thinking black beans, onions, carrots, beer, chilies and some assorted spices.

Ok, so how about pork manhattans?  We had beef manhattans almost weekly in my grade school cafeteria.  I'm sure I've had some that were better but I certainly don't remember those. 

Finally, I settled on pork reubens.  I could double or triple the pork by adding in bacon or pancetta and some sausage.  Or not.  My one concession to the fact I was dealing with pork and not corned beef was to add some chopped green chiles to the thousand island dressing.  And, because I was dealing with pulled pork and not pork slices, I decided to chop it and mix it in with the sauerkraut when I heated it up.  Now, that was a lucky break.  The pork absorbed some of the sauerkraut flavor and stayed VERY moist.  In fact, I think I'll do the same next time I make a corned beef or turkey reuben. 

What did we think?  Very good sandwiches.  The sauerkraut certainly stood out more than it typically does with a reuben but that was fine with us since we love the stuff.  The thousand island dressing with chilies was a great addition.  I'd not change a thing!

Since I didn't get photos taken when we had these for dinner, I used the leftovers for lunch the next day...  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Here's how you put these together:

Toast your bread or bun
Slather it with 1000 Island Dressing with some chopped green chiles tossed in
Mix pulled pork with a can of Bavarian sauerkraut and simmer it in a medium saucepan until it's warm
Squeeze the moisture out of the pork mixture before putting it on the bun
Top the pork mixture with thinly sliced Swiss cheese
Broil until the cheese melts
Either top with another slice of bread/bun or not


1 comment:

Lizzy Do said...

I adore Reubens so I heartily approve of your pulled pork version! Off to check out your cauliflower recipe :) Have a fantastic weekend! xo