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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Curried Turkey Salad

There's bee a lot going on around our house.  Much of the chaos is due to one Wee Mac Connelly.  Much to Connie's chagrin he joined our family in August of this year.  He was a stray at the office and made it clear he'd like to go home with us when he beat me to the car!  Now, Wee Mac is in the process of learning good cat manners.  We have a bottle of NO water in about every room.  It's just a spray bottle full of regular tap water.  But a good squirt or two and a loud NO work wonders.  He's managed to learn that kittens do not come in the dining room while their humans are eating.  The one exception was the time he was lolling in the sunshine at the far end of the dining room.  He announced himself when we came in the room.  The meow was translated as, "Please don't make me move, this sunshine feels so good."  We let him stay and enjoy.  Then, there's the Mom, cat, bed game.  Who gets to sleep where?  George prefers my pillow.  Oh, I get a little bit of it but he gets the majority.  Gracie likes my feet.  And, Wee Mac loves the crook of my knees.  Makes turning over very interesting!  A couple of days ago he had his first experience with the oil from a can of tuna.  My but that was a wonderful cat treat!

George is pushing 18.  He's had kidney disease for eight years now.  And, for eight years I've made him his own food.  Here's a link to the recipe:  George food.  Over the years George has had his blood tested every year.  It's not fun and I don't blame him for yowling a bit.  This year, I took the old guy in for his checkup and found that he'd GAINED 1/10th of a pound.  Amazing.  Doc about danced.  I did too.  George just wanted to get in his carrier and go HOME.  He probably never noticed that Doc didn't check his blood.  I was glad that he didn't have to get stabbed once again.  But, first we had to check out. He was not amused when Trixie came up to say hi.

Ah, the life of a cat around our house!  Pretty cushy job, eh?

Well, now, on to cooking for a minute.  I know you'll be shocked to hear that we had leftover turkey.  I turned it into Curried Turkey Salad.   And, no, I didn't measure.  I was just happy to throw together something good that used up the turkey. 

Curried Turkey Salad


toasted pecans
lemon juice


Mix the mayonnaise, curry powder, lemon juice and mustard to make the dressing.  Toss it with the rest of the ingredients.  I topped it with the toasted pecans so they'd not get soggy in the leftovers.


1 comment:

Lizzy Do said...

YUM...great turkey salad. I finally bought a deep fryer for fried turkey...we'll have one again over the Christmas holidays. I hope to have leftovers to make your turkey salad :)

PS...I LOVE Wee Mac!!!