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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Snooty Fox, Restaurant Impossible

Robert Irvine, Mom, Marc Summers

It's been a wild week.  Busy is an understatement.  Had I just had my office to keep up with, I'd have been able to say I didn't know if I was pitching or catching.  But, on top of all the appointments and phone calls and emails etc at the office, I had a Key Konnections meeting at my office for my sorority alum group, we're having some much needed maintenance done to the house AND a restaurant I've frequented since it opened in 1983 was the subject of a Restaurant Impossible redo by Robert Irvine. 

Mom called a couple of weeks ago and asked if I'd heard about the Snooty Fox.  Nope.  Usually don't get a chance to look at the paper til the weekend - if then.  It seems that on Wednesday and Thursday May 11 and 12 they were going to be visited by Robert Irvine and Marc Summers for an episode of Restaurant Impossible.  The reveal was to be the evening of May 12th.  She'd tried to call for reservations and was most disappointed to discover they'd had 150 calls BEFORE they even opened.  You see, Mom eats there about once a week.  I'm there about once a quarter when I meet my friend Vicki for dinner.  We love their petite filet and hash browns with onions.  Connie and I eat there once in a while and on occasion I'll meet a client there for lunch. 

Then, about a week ago we were chatting with our neighbors and he mentioned that he'd snagged reservations.  I let him know I was pea-green with envy and that Mom would be too.  Turns out he was going to be out of town on Thursday so she invited me to go with her.  I'd have loved to but had the Key Konnections meeting.  Well, one thing led to another and on Thursday I got a call.  They wouldn't be able to use their reservations.  Would Connie like to take my mom?  You betcha. 

The plan was that Connie would take me to the office with the 15 dishes for the Kappas then he'd run to Mom's and pick her up.  They'd eat their dinner at 7:00 and he'd come back and pick me up about 9:00 and help clean up.  Yes, we really thought it'd work that way.  Uh huh.  Dreamers.  He called the office about 8:30 and said they'd not even gotten seated yet...  No problem, I'll get a ride home.  And, I might just come crash the party. 

Abby was kind enough to drop me off at the house.  She's a good bit younger and is one of the Kappas I'd not met until the networking meeting.  We chattered away on the way home and I knew she and her hubby and two kids were living at her folks but I never got her folks name.  Turns out I've known them for about 15-20 years.  And, her mom's sister is also a Kappa and is married to the brother of a friend from grade school.  How did I find out?  Her mom's a Facebook friend and she sent me a message.  Small world.  

My poor Annie dog was not at all thrilled when I rushed in the door, grabbed car keys and ran right back out.  She thought one of her humans was home to give some love and affection - and maybe food - to a dog.  

The Snooty was packed.  It was 10:00 and Mom and Connie hadn't eaten.  I finagled an extra chair and joined them at their two-top.  We had a wonderful time chatting with all of our neighbors.  I got to see some friends.  Then, the fun part.  I got to meet Marc Summers and Robert Irvine.  Marc grew up down the street.  I knew from his real last name that he was related to a gal I'd gone to grade school with.  Found out Friday that he's related on his mom's side to a Kappa who I went to high school with - another Facebook friend.  He was absolutely delightful.  Just exactly what you see on Unwrapped.  And, I was surprised by Robert.  He comes off as a bit gruff on his shows but in person he was charming.  

Turns out that Robert interviewed Mom at length.  So, we're hoping that she's in the show when it airs early August.  She had the time of her life.  It was as much fun watching her have fun as it was being there myself!

So, what did we think?  The place looks great.  The menu, not so much.  It's very English pubby and way too limited.  Mom had fish and chips and Connie had braised oxtail.  Tim (the owner) said they'll be adding back some of the favorites after this weekend.  I hope so because I missed my filet. Vicki and I went back last night for our quarterly dinner and we watched a lot of folks look at the menu and leave.  It was still packed but Tim will have to add back things like the filet, walleye, pike and scallops to keep his regulars happy - and to get the new folks to return.  I had the cockles in spicy tomato sauce and a beer cheese soup.  The tomato sauce was wonderful.  The soup itself was great but instead of caramelized onions and leeks, there were chunks of something that didn't quite fit.  I couldn't tell what it was - potato, celery root?  I'm looking forward to going back and hoping the crowds will stay.  Tim's clientele was literally dying off.  When Vicki and I'd go in there we'd be the youngest ones in the room.  Now, hopefully, Tim'll get the menu where he wants it and a younger generation will start to show up regularly!

Here are some of the photos Connie took along the way...

 Jolene Ketzenberger and her husband, John.  She's our local food critic and is a wonderful lady!
 Tim Queisser.  The Snooty Fox's owner.  Waiting nervously.
 Mom snagged a chair in the parking lot and was having a great time!

 Tim and his wife

 Marc working the crowd.

 Mom and my sweetie, Connie.
 Ok, here we have all the major players, Tim, his wife, Robert, Marc - and Jolene taking a photo.
 Time to see what's been done.
 Looks great!!!
 Me with Marc.  His cousin Karen used to kid him about looking like Dr. Kildare.  She nailed that one!
I think I'll frame this!!!


Lizzy said...

A friend emailed me this week about these renovations...will have to stop in and see the changes. Glad you were lucky enough to view the hoopla...such fun!

spcookiequeen said...

What a fun experience Kate, love the smile on mom's face.

Kate@Diethood said...

OH that sounds like an awesome time!! Your Mom looks incredibly happy to be there... lucky her! :)

Tastemonials said...

Let us know when the episode is scheduled to air so we can watch for your mom. Friends of my son are due to be on one of those DIY yard makeover shows soon. It's so much fun to see people you know about on these shows. Sounds like you had a great time.

D McKee said...

Nora could use a modern-day restaurant....hope your friend, Tim, gets the memo and updates the menu!

Anonymous said...

My family and I moved to Indy from Evansville back in March. My husband and I ate dinner at Granite City last night and after dinner decided to drive around and explore our new city. We had been on the Monon Trail bicycling earlier in the day and wanted to backtrack near the trail and find some of the cool restaurants we saw. We passed the Snooty Fox and I got excited and told my husband that the Snooty had been on Restaurant Impossible. So I googled Snooty Fox this morning and found your public blog but was sad to also find that it has closed. I wanted to go try it out! Your personal stories about the Snooty and your mom are precious. Great pictures too!