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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canton Ginger Mojito

I've said this before, sometimes you begin with the ingredients and back your way into finding a recipe.  We made our own ginger vodka in the past.  That was a muse speaking into my ear thing.  We had some trouble finding the appropriate recipes to match the creation.  Whatever!

One day though we were in the liquor store and found Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur.  It really sounded too good not to try.  I'd read some drinks calling for the liqueur and knew we love ginger so what the heck.  We have had one or two recipes.  Today however we were unloading our CSA (community supported agriculture) basket and found mint.  Not what we really needed since we have beaucoup mint in the herb garden, but it is a shame to waste it.  I jumped on the net and found the recipe below.  This is the best so far of the ginger liqueur drinks.  It is very fresh, spring-like and mild.  Definitely a good use of mint!  And, a drink we'll make again soon.  Connie did say that he'd use crystallized ginger as a garnish next time instead of the lime slice - or maybe in addition to...

Canton Ginger Mojito


 Fresh mint leaves

Lime wedges

4 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur

1 oz white rum (we used Bacardi's)

Club soda (we used Canada Dry)


Muddle mint leaves and a couple of lime wedges in a cocktail shaker.  Add the ginger liqueur and the rum.  Add ice and shake until almost too cold to hold.  Strain the mixture over ice in a highball glass.  Add a couple of mint leaves and top with club soda.  Stir slightly to mix.  Garnish with a lime wedge and a mint sprig.  Toast your love and enjoy!

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The Mom Chef said...

Oh, now you KNOW this is my kind of drink. I adore mojitos and love ginger. I need to find that liqueur!

Monet said...

Delicious! I love ginger, and I imagine it is super refreshing in this mojito. Thank you for sharing with me tonight...I'm sorry I've been gone so long! Your blog continues to bring a smile to my face. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Eliotseats said...

Must find some Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur. We too have an abundance of mint and what a great way to use it!!! Interesting cocktail. Thanks!

Chef Dennis said...

I have never heard of that Liqeur before, I have to try and find it, it too good to pass up! I think you found a great use for your mint!