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Monday, May 30, 2011

Heartland Scramble

As is usual on Sunday, we try and have a nice breakfast before heading to the office.  Even though it's race day here in Indianapolis, I'm at the office plowing through the work.  But, my tummy is VERY happy because I made a great breakfast this morning :-)

If all of the recipes in Heartland are as good as this one, this cookbook will claim a spot in the bookcase where I keep my favorites.  That is, if I can ever find the bookcase again...  Yes, I'm wishing the painting was done!  The task this evening is to move the rest of the stuff out of the living room and move the furniture to the center of the room.  Then, we'll take all of the nails and screws out of the walls and cover the furniture with a big tarp.  Then, the fun part.  I get to paint the ceiling.  Swiss Miss is the name of the paint.  I'm going with a darker ceiling and lighter walls and white trim.  Can't wait to see what it looks like.  Right now, it's painted a realtor beige.  It's fine in the daylight but at night it turns yellow.  A rather putrid shade of yellow.  I've lived with it for five years.  That's long enough!

So, chatting about the paint color reminds me of my brother Ken.  He was here for my niece's wedding.  He and older brother John P. and Connie and I piled in my car and headed downtown for lunch at Workingman's Friend.  It's a dive but does it ever have fantastic burgers.  Guy Fieri would go nuts!  After lunch we took a tour of downtown.  On the way downtown we drove through some, umm, interesting neighborhoods.  There were lots of houses painted colors that I'd probably not choose.  Was that polite enough?  Ok.  Whatever.  So, we started asking Ken (who works for Porter Paints) what he'd call the various colors.  Our favorite was frog butt green.  Now, that's our stock answer to what any color is.  Frog butt green. 

You're probably wondering what we thought of the heartland scramble.  It was wonderful.  The recipe says you can use smoked trout, pancetta or prosciutto.  I chose smoked trout.  And, instead of following the recipe, I added the whole tin.  Should've kept to the 1/4 cup as it was a bit "trouty."  And, instead of scrambling the whole mess, I let it turn into kind of an omelet.  That part worked out perfectly.  This was super easy to make.  We'll absolutely make this a regular on our breakfast list.

Heartland Scramble


1 T olive oil
1/4 c scallions or garlic scapes, chopped
1/4 c smoked trout, pancetta or prosciutto, chopped
1/4 c grated cheese (I used smoked gouda)
4 eggs


Coat the bottom of a non-stick skillet with the olive oil.  Add the scallions or garlic scapes and saute until they're softened

Add the trout,

then the grated cheese. 

When the cheese just starts to melt,

pour in the eggs. 

Either scramble or let it turn into an omelet. 

adapted from Heartland by Judith Fertig


Lizzy said...

Mmmmmm...I'd love this with prosciutto! I'd love if you'd share a photo of your favorite cookbooks (that is, when everything is finally painted and dry :)). And I got a laugh out of your game of naming paint colors!

Chris's Gourmet Fashion said...

I love smoked trout. Can see how it works with the eggs. Happy painting!

Christine's Pantry said...

I love smoked fish. Yummy!

Janet@ from cupcakes to caviar said...

Sounds really good. I can't wait to try this next time I'm in an egg mood :-)

Tastemonials said...

This sounds great. I'm addicted to pancetta lately, so that would be my choice.

Kate@Diethood said...

Smoked trout and garlic scapes... I'm coming over for breakfast this Sunday!! ;-))

The Mom Chef said...

Frog butt green. I will not forget that for a long, long time and it will make me smile every time I think of it.

I love eggs any way, but I'd have to go with the prosciutto like Liz. Smoked trout and I have never gotten along well. But eggs and me; we love each other....a lot.