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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sometimes You've Got to Order Pizza!

Friday night, I'd planned on making tuna salad melts in pita bread. I was unfortunately detained. So, here's the eerie story. About three weeks ago I started getting really freaked out in the car. I could hear a crash. I was very relieved every time I/we got home safely. Even though Connie's a great driver, I got on his case. He finally asked why and I told him I was really concerned about getting hit. Didn't know exactly why but I was worried. I kept hearing a crash but I really didn't want to say that, so I didn't. Friday, I was on my way to a 3:30 appointment and I stopped at a red light. I knew it was a pretty long light, so I immediately picked up my cell phone to call a client whose 90 year-old mom moved that day. She's a client too and I was more than a little worried because the move was tiring her out a bunch. WHAM!!! A gal distracted by a spider smashed into my car. Thank goodness I drive a tank - well, it's an Acura but compared to the Saturn I used to drive, this thing is a tank. Here's what my bumper looks like:

All I can say is that bumper did it's job. I have no broken bones. I am beyond sore but I am so lucky that my injuries are muscular and skeletal instead of broken bones. I called 911 and a crash investigator got a call about an accident at Shadeland and I-70 - as he was getting off I-70 at Shadeland. He was there in seconds. My car was drivable. The other gal's wasn't. I called Connie and he hopped in his car and was on the way. He got there about the time the tow truck did. And, let me mention that because my wonderful husband is a bit ocd about some things, the insurance card and the registration were tucked in the owners manual so all I had to do was open the glove box and pull it out! He followed me to my 3:30 to make sure the bumper wasn't going to fall off the car then took my car on down the street to my auto dealer's body shop. They've got the photos and everything they need for the claim. I'm, of course, am worried about the time I'll spend out of the office getting my back back in working order. And, I'm worried that I'll have a tough time doing all the cooking for our holiday party and will have to spend the money to hire someone for part of it. But, you know what? That's for the insurance companies to hash out. I have no broken bones and am walking under my own power.

So, when Connie got to the accident scene, I told him I'd had a premonition. He doesn't much believe in these things. Most guys don't. Ok fine, was his reaction. Then, when I got home from my 3:30 with pizza in hand, we sat down to inhale dinner. He had to go play bridge in 15 minutes. I mentioned that I wasn't sure I'd told him I'd had a premonition. He said you know that's weird. You did say something. Walking across the parking lot when he got back to the office he'd remembered it. About two weeks ago. He said he didn't remember that til he got back to the office to pick up Annie (our wonderful pooch.) So, now I don't feel quite so weird. But, you probably would enjoy knowing who the 3:30 was with. My massage therapist. I love my massages and they're probably the only bit of decadence I've kept in my life. So, Margi came out and saw my bumper and said wow, we've got some work to do. And, she started in. I'm sure I feel a LOT better right now than I would if not for her. THANK YOU MARGI! You're the best!!!!!!!!! So, that's my story and, yes, we ordered pizza for dinner.  The tuna melts in pita bread will just have to wait!


egbkid said...

Wow! I'm glad you are OK, and i hope you get back on top quick!

Monet said...

Sometimes days just demand that you put aside your intentions and order a large, warm pizza. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt badly...and that you were able to see your massage therapist!