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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lemony Zucchini with Basil

We're always on the hunt for new, easy and light zucchini dishes.  This year, unfortunately, we didn't get much zucchini from our CSA and we didn't get any planted.  So, having a lovely zucchini was a treat.  I know, not something you normally hear from someone who gardens AND belongs to a CSA!!  Lemony zucchini with basil was in the October Food and Wine that I've been blogging about.  Remember when I started this project and said one of the misconceptions about Food and Wine is that their recipes are all complicated and have weird ingredients?  This recipe is proof positive that they've got some wonderful and very easy recipes. 

What did we think?  We loved it!  This would go with so many entrees.  The flavor was so fresh and the dish was so light.  Just about perfect!

Lemony Zucchini with Basil

serves 4


1 T olive oil
2 medium zucchini
finely grated zest of one half lemon
salt and freshly ground pepper
2 T thinly sliced basil


Using a vegetable peeler, slice the zucchini into long, thin strips

Zest the lemon

Heat the oil and add the zucchini.  Cook until it's just tender, using high heat.  Remove the skillet and toss the zucchini with the lemon zest, salt and pepper.

Serve the zucchini with the basil scattered on top

adapted from Food and Wine

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This post is part of a series featuring recipes from the FOOD and WINE archive. As a FOOD and WINE Blogger Correspondent, I was chosen to do four recipes a week from FOOD and WINE. I received a subscription to FOOD and WINE for my participation.


The Mom Chef said...

::sigh:: I tried another zucchini dish from Bon Appetit last night and it was a bomb with everyone but me. I shouldn't say it that way. After I picked out all the zucchini and ate it, they ate the pasta. Bunch of cretins. Your dish looks wonderful but I don't think I can make it.

That being said, there's an award for you on my blog. Please go see it. It's well deserved.

Monet said...

This looks so pretty Kate! I love lemon paired with vegetables. I squeeze one on just about everything. But yes, this looks pretty and sounds even better. Thank you for sharing love. said...

the combination of zucchini with lemon is delicious!
and I think that the final touch with basil is amazing! :D

ravienomnoms said...

I think that this combination is to die for! Lemon can really add that extra added umfph to a lot of dishes..thanks for sharing!

Evan Thomas said...

Nice! I always get zuchinni in my CSA share and never know what to do with it. I'll have to try this.

roxan said...

Beautiful! The thing that I think is great about this is that it's pretty versatile. It can go on the side of any dish - chicken, beef, etc. BUT it can also go on the side of different ethnic cuisines, italian, japanese, etc. Yumy.

Squeaky Gourmet said...

Ok sold! that sounds really light and flavor packed! great idea! I also have zucchini envy--none grew in my garden at all this year!

Belinda @zomppa said...

Wonderful flavors!!

baking.serendipity said...

This looks great! I'm always looking for new and different vegetables recipes.


Gorgeous and healthy little dish! I want some!