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Friday, September 10, 2010

Peach Glazed Pork Tenderloins with Peach Salsa

I saw a post quite a while ago for peach glazed pork skewers.  It was on Chef Michael Braddock's site.  Now, even though the site is called Curious Foodie, if you Google it, several other sites will come up.  Ditto on Foodbuzz.  You need to find chefbraddock.  Or, follow the link :-)  Among other things, Chef Michael has won pork cookoffs.  You'll see why if you try this recipe.  It's amazing.  Next time we're in the Charlotte area to visit brother, Ken, you can bet we'll be finding his restaurant!!!!

So, way back when we took our little mini vacation, I bought some peaches to make this.  They've been cooling their heels in the refrigerator ever since.  You see, once you make the marinade, you're supposed to marinate the pork for FOUR hours.  And, I'm rarely home for four hours before it's time to cook dinner.  Heck, I'm rarely home for four hours before it's bedtime! 

But, this recipe sounded so incredible that I kept putting it on the menu.  Just moving it forward by a week at a time.  Finally, Labor Day came and it was time to leave the office at 2:00.  Now, remember, it's not all that exciting because we were coming home to weed the herb garden and to lay mulch.  But, still, I had my four hours.  Yes, sir, I had four hours to marinate, time to cook, clean up and still get to bed early enough to make my first appointment this morning without bags the size of grocery bags under my eyes.  What a deal.   

We walked in the door from the office and I headed to the kitchen.  Peaches, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, garlic and ginger.  Ready.  Whir them in the processor and dump the marinade over a couple of pork tenderloins.  Now, Chef Michael's recipe calls for pork with real pork fat on it.  Alas, we usually stick with pork tenderloin because of the lack of pork fat.  So, it was that I used a different cut of meat.  Now, let me tell you, I don't think it matters what cut of pork you use, this is fantastic stuff.  I'll probably try it with some canned peaches in the middle of the winter.  Just to see how it works.  And, because it'll taste like summer. 

Along with the peach glazed pork tenderloin, I had this notion that peach salsa would be good.  I hunted and hunted and found recipes that sounded good but didn't sound like they'd go with the pork.  They had lots of other stuff but I wanted VERY simple.  So, I made my own up.  I took a couple of bite's worth out of the bowl and put them in a small bowl then added the sugar and the vinegar just to see how it'd taste.  We both liked it so I doctored up the rest of the salsa that way.  As it turned out, we didn't eat the salsa on top of the pork.  But, it was wonderful anyway.

Peach Glazed Pork Tenderloin


2 pork tenderloins

for the glaze:
6 very ripe peaches
1/4 c hoisin sauce
3 T soy sauce
2 cloves of garlic
2 T rice wine vinegar
1 T grated fresh ginger
2 T honey

for the salsa:
4 very ripe peaches
1 small jalapeno
1/2 small red onion
1-2 t chardonnay vinegar
1-2 T sugar


Put all the glaze/marinade ingredients in the food processor.  Process until very well blended. 

Put the pork tenderloins in a freezer bag.

Pour most of the marinade over the tenderloins.  Reserve some for later.

Prepare the peach salsa.  Peel and chop the peaches.

Mince the jalapeno VERY finely.

Mince the red onion.  Combine the peaches, jalapeno and the red onion. 

The amount of sugar and vinegar you'll need will depend on your taste and the sweetness of the peaches.  Remember you can always add more but it's tough to take away!  Also, as the salsa sits while you're grilling the tenderloins, the peaches will release some juices. 

Grill on direct heat.  Make sure you oil the grill grates first.  We didn't and wished we had!

Now, please go check out Chef Michael's website because he really has some incredible stuff there :-)


Anonymous said...

This sounds incredible!! I am soo on a peach kick right now.. SAVED!!! ( saw you on Ancient Fire Wines)

Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet said...

That looks so yummy...saving to try! I love pork tenderloin...have you ever tried Berkshire pork? It's a specialty product that can be hard to find, but worths seeking out. I have one store in San Antonio that carries it exclusively.

Julie said...

Ooh, lovely! I spent the past month squeezing my homemade peach butter into practically everything I cooked. I've got a little left in the freezer, and I think it would be perfect with this recipe. :)

kelly Noble said...

Oh holly cow (or pig in this case) that looks and sounds AMAZING. I was just looking for a new pork tenderloin recipe so now I will have to try this one. If you like to cook or grill pork you should check out this recipe for cilantro lime pork tenderloin that I make. I make tacos with it one night and I use the leftovers (if there is any) to make cuban sandwiches on my gorge forman grill!. YUM! Here is the link:

Thanks for sharing!!!

Susi said...

This recipe sounds so incredibly delicous! I have lots of company coming in the next few months and this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing :o)

Kate said...

Susi - how funny - I was reading your brioche bun post while you were reading my pork post :-) Oh, you know what - this'd make a killer pork sandwich. OH, and you know what else - we want to do a wine tasting party and one of the things I wanted to serve is sliders - I could make your brioche buns! Thanks!! Kate

Wendy - I've not tried Berkshire pork but have read about it a couple of times and would love to try it. Someday when the budget allows I may just order some online.

Kelly - Sounds wonderful - margarita pork :-) I'll go check it out.

Jason Phelps said...

Now this is a slam dunk of a recipe!! Margot will not complain at all when I propose this.

I'm glad Kim found your way here via Ancient Fire, definitely the way it should work.


Kate said...

You know, you're exactly right, Jason. That's how it should work. I was pleased a week ago - or so - when Mom Chef found Drick on my blog. both of them have such wonderful blogs that I'm sure they'll enjoy reading each others. It dawned on me that it might be fun to do a blog of my favorite bloggers and my favorite recipes from each of them.

Kim Kelly said...

One can never had enough tenderloin recipes! Add in some peaches and you have a must try. Sounds really, really good!

Marisa said...

That tenderloin looks so juicy. Really like the recipes for the glaze and salsa, and I love that it's grilled! Good thinking to make a peach salsa with this. Very nice!

Koci said...

This sounds like a great recipe! I love stuff that has a few hours of marinating time because then when the time comes to actually cook it it's really easy to put together. Plus you get to feel super productive for multi-tasking while it marinates. :D

Mhel said...

This looks soo mouthwatering! Ive tried peach glazed chicken roast, but i would love to make this one too. thanks for sharing!

Laurie @simplyscratch said...

YUM!!! I think I just might have to try this!! I love grilled tenderloin!!

The Mom Chef said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I'm so far behind on commenting because I can't type with that finger yet. It's getting better, but I had to go to the doc and she put silver nitrate on it to stop the bleeding. That hurt more than slicing it did! Thanks for asking about it.

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Thanks so much for giving the link to Michaels blog, I couldn't get to it via foodbuzz. This recipe sounds perfect!

Evan @swEEts said...

The next time I have four hours before dinner I think I'm going to have to try this! Looks delicious.. I love fruit with pork.

Kate said...

Hey Gina - I finally made ravioli for the first time ever tonight!!!! Can't wait to blog about it. Hope you're having a great weekend. Kate

Jason's BBQ Adventures said...

Wonderful looking recipe. Love using fruit with pork.

Caveman Cooking said...

Oh, Kate! This would make any Caveperson very happy!!

Mgoh said...

I like how simple it is to make this dish and they look wonderful.

FamilySpice said...

Love grilling (and eating) pork tenderloins! I'll bookmark this recipe!

Flavorful World said...

Excellent-sounding recipe! You've been buzzed :)

Jean (Lemons and Anchovies) said...

Loving this recipe. My pork tenderloin repertoire is very narrow so I'm gladly adding this to my to-try list. Thanks!