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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Pineapple-Chili Margarita – Bite Me – Gently

I read a lot of recipes. Especially when we're in the car, Connie drives and I read magazines, clip those I'd like to make and read them to him to see what he thinks. He claims I am turning him into a foodie! I suppose it is true. He eats almost anything and was never really discriminating. His motto is, “As long as it’s not faster than I am, I’ll eat it.” Nowadays, he comments on the recipes and even suggests tweaks. Since he knows I love discussing the recipes and he's become quite the foodie, he isn’t afraid to hurt my feelings and give me his opinion, even if it’s unfavorable.

As I said, I clip a lot of recipes.  In the stack is usually a cocktail or two. From Food Network magazine, I took a Pineapple-Chili Margarita. It sounded intriguing. So the other night, as Connie sat down with his drink recipe books, I suggested he look at some of my clippings. We decided that it sounded good enough to try. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

It was VERY tasty. Good enough to try again, and soon! My only complaint is that while the name is truly descriptive, it’s totally prosaic. Okay, in the post about the Down Under Snowball, I threw in a little rant about “Who Names These Things”. But I thought that the name needed to be kicked up a little. So I present you, courtesy of Food Network magazine (but renamed by me), Bite Me – Gently. The chili adds just a little kick and goes very well with the fruit and liquor, hence the name.

Pineapple-Chili Margarita – Bite Me – Gently

serves two

Wet the rim of two margarita glasses with water and dip in a mixture of:

1 Tablespoon of coarse salt (we used Kosher salt)
¾ teaspoon of chili powder
(Connie thought that this made way too much to rim two glasses, but whatever)

In a cocktail shaker, with ice, add:
4 ounces of tequila (we used Sauza Blanco)
4 ounces of pineapple juice
2 ounces of fresh squeezed lime juice
¾ tablespoon of agave nectar

Shake well and strain into your glasses.

Don’t forget to toast the one you love, and enjoy!


Monet said...

Can you please make me one of This sounds so light and refreshing...perfect after a long day at work. Thanks for sharing sweet girl!

Karen said...

I love the little kick of spice on the rim! Wonderful drink!

Lizzy said...

A delightful twist on my favorite cocktail!

Chef Michael Braddock said...

I want one! :-) They look great!

Christy said...

this looks like just the trick! i have been running around all day, i would love to kick back and enjoy one of these.

The Mom Chef said...

I'm searching my friggen magazine but can't find this recipe. Which issue was it??? I like your name MUCH better! Though according to another blogger, if moist isn't a good word to use because of sexual connotations, Bite Me Gently DEFINITELY falls in that category!

Kate said...

MomChef - I can't believe anyone would say that! Amazing. Hopefully, they'll not even read this post :-) At any rate, I have no clue what month it was in. I take magazines in the car and tear out the pages with the recipes I want then mark the recipes FN or FW or whatever. Then, I clip them and put them in envelopes. The "immediate" stack gets sorted into folders in a file cabinet in the kitchen. So, if I want pork, I go there for my choices... I wish the magazines would put cute little tags at the end of each recipe FN0910 so we could tell! Oh, well, wishful thinking on my part!! Kate

Kim said...

Hehe. Nothing like a little love bite from your cocktail!

Great post and great re-naming of the drink. =)

Jason Phelps said...

Well done. Seems like everyone is digging the cocktails lately. I know I am.

This looks similar to something I have seen called a poker face, and that I will be serving with a Mexican inspired meal tomorrow night. For that I am going to use a touch of chile infused vodka to add a little heat. Maybe just to mine. Margot might not like me much if I kicked hers up!

I agree, some drink names are weird!!!


Denise Romeo said...

Kate, try grilling some corn rubbing it down with lime and sprinkling that chili rimming salt on it. A favorite in Bombay, India!