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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mushroom Truffle Oil Pesto and Truffle Cheese Melts

We got to the office Sunday morning (yes, someday we're going to be able to quit working these 80 hour weeks!) and I realized I could make a lovely brunch sandwich melt with the mushroom pesto.  Most non-foodies would look at the cabinet in the kitchen where I stash my supplies and think a crazy person works here.  Smoked oysters, artichoke hearts, jarred ratatouille, red wine vinegar, olive oil, tuna fish, julienned beets, pineapple tidbits, beans, anchovies, spices and herbs...  This way, I can whip up a lunch if I don't have leftovers or feel like raiding the freezer.  So, Sunday morning I'd brought in the leftover mushroom pesto and some Trader Joe's truffle cheese that we love.  I surveyed the possibilities and saw the smoked oysters.  Perfect!  For those of you who don't care for smoked oysters, just eliminate them. 

Mushroom Truffle Oil Pesto and Truffle Cheese Melts

slices of good, crusty bread
Trader Joe's truffle cheese or provolone
mushroom truffle oil pesto
smoked oysters

Toast the bread lightly.  Slice the cheese about 1/8" thick

Cover the bread with cheese slices. 

Broil until the cheese melts. 

Schmear with pesto. 

Broil until the pesto is heated through.  Top with smoked oysters and devour.


Chef Dennis said...

now that is one gourmet sandwich! I love the truffle cheese I have never seen it, I will have to take a trip to trader joes! and I do ove mushrooms so your mushroom pesto sounds heavenly! what a nice combination of flavors on that toasty bread!

Lauren Zabaneh said...

Just so you know, my hubs would LOVE that sandwich. I would have to omit the oysters...but I just don't have the palate-yet.

thank you for all you sweet comments Kate! I think your right, we are the only too bloggers working this weekend!

I appreciate your support! Big hugs to you and enjoy this weekend!

Looking forward to what else you can make from that fabulously stocked pantry of's like Chopped!

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

This is one decadent cheese melt! Yum!

City Share said...

I love that you have such a great selection of foods in your cabinet. I wish I had a supply like that at work. The sandwich looks great. I would have to leave out the oysters (I'm allergic), but otherwise great.

Lizzy said...

Fun to find your of my friends plays bridge with your husband! I have a baking blog so she thought I might enjoy yours!


Becky said...

My husband would love this sandwich, too. He loves oysters, especially raw on the half shell, and mushrooms.

The oysters are not for me. Great post and creative use of what is in your supply cabinet.

Sprinkled with Flour said...

This sandwich sounds like the perfect lunch! From the mushroom pesto to the truffle cheese, definitely something I would try:)


What big flavors! It sounds lovely!