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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tomato Frittata, East West BBQ Sauce, and Corydon, IN

The first full day of our vacation.  We started with a big breakfast - ham and egg sandwiches and fruit with honey greek yogurt.  Then, came the where to go question.  Louisville is a couple of exits south on I65.  New Albany has some interesting tourist attractions - and a brewery.  But Corydon was the first capital of Indiana and we love history.  So, off to Corydon it was. 

We started with the old state capitol building. 

It housed the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court.  About 80% of the windows are original or of the era.  Love that old wavy glass.  The walls are of limestone and are a couple of feet thick.  Here's what the House chambers looked like:

Then, we were on to a private residence of the same era.  I've been to many living history museums and always enjoy seeing the kitchens.  It's kind of a game to see how many things I can find that I own one of.  Eons ago when my grandmother moved to a nursing home, I moved into her home.  Ergo, I have a LOT of old kitchen tools.  And, in a lot of cases, I use them instead of their newer incarnations.  The old stuff just works better.  At any rate, the kitchen was cool to see:

Probably the best part of the house was getting to see a painting of Jonathon Jennings.  He was the first governor of Indiana.  I'm in a DAR chapter named after him and had never seen what the fellow looked like.  Yup, he looked like most of the other guys of that era!

After Corydon, it was back to Huber Winery for a comparative tasting of reds.  In some cases the differences were VERY obvious and in others they were very subtle.  One of the obvious cases was the barrel aged vs steel.  Huber also has a wonderful farm market.  I bought a few peaches and some ears of corn for dinner Friday night.  I'd planned on making my blueberry spinach salad with shagbark hickory vinaigrette for dinner but found that the blueberry season had ended a couple of days before and there were NO blueberries to be found.  So I decided peaches would be an excellent substitution.  Yay - I was right.

Now, the other thing is that some idiot dropped her camera on Friday. I won't say who, but her initials start with K... That meant that Friday night's dinner didn't get photographed. A pity because it was very pretty and very good.

We had grilled chicken with an east/west barbecue sauce, corn on the cob and spinach salad with peaches, toasted almonds and shagbark hickory vinaigrette. 

Chef Ryan is cooking up an east/west barbecue sauce. He's not sharing the recipe because he's going to sell the sauce. Now, if it's anything like the rest of the recipes on his blog, it's gonna be killer. He mentioned it in a blog and I started salivating. He's not got it ready for market yet and besides, we were leaving for vacation in a couple of days. So, I had to make my own version up. Some Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce was the base. Followed by five spice powder, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. We loved it.

Finally a meal I can show you a photo of... Breakfast Saturday morning...  It finally dawned on me that I had my point and shoot in my purse. 

I fixed a tomato frittata with basil and cheddar cheese.  It was pretty basic.  A bit of olive oil in the bottom of a skillet, a couple of tomatoes peeled and cut up, four eggs whipped with a little milk and grated romano, a handful of basil and a handful of grated cheddar. 


The Mom Chef said...

This is the kind of vacation my husband and I would go on simply because he majored in US history. We end up visiting every fort and college library around, but it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

That frittata looks delicious. Enjoy your vacation!

Rachelle said...

Kate about the Buneulos. They are best eaten within a couple of hours. I have never tried reheating them but they are a biscuit style popover and I am not sure they would be very good reheated.

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Simple breakfast like this are the best! I love seeing historical sites too, hope you have a great vacaction and your camera is okay!