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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

As one who much prefers, bed and breakfasts to hotels, I've stayed in my fair share of b and b's.  I think we just found my favorite!!  It's a place called Rosewind Farms in Starlight, IN.  I know, where the heck is Starlight, IN?  Well, it's just north of New Albany, across the river from Louisville.  And, it's the home of Huber Winery.  It's also the home of Huber Family Farms with the best fried chicken livers and apple butter I've ever eaten.  By the way, their cole slaw is awesome too. 

Since the 80 hour work weeks were really starting to get to me, I figured we needed to take a couple of days off.  We debated all the close cities:  Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, St Louis.  Plus a few out of the way places like Amish country in Shipshewana and some places in Michigan.  Then during a review with a client we started chatting about vacations.  He and his wife are heading to Door County - one of my bucket list places.  When I mentioned that Louisville was one of our potential destinations, he mentioned that Maggie (Rosewind's owner) is a friend of his sister-in-law so they stay there regularly.  I got online and sent Maggie an email.  And, I scoped out the pics on the web site.  Let me tell you, it's even better than the photos!

We left the office about noon on Thursday and drove south.  After a lovely detour thanks to some road construction (believe me there are NO straight roads in southern IN) we finally got to Rosewind.  Maggie had a bottle of Huber wine, a couple of apples, a hunk of cheese and a box of crackers waiting for us.  The b and b is actually a two bedroom house on an 118 acre farm.  It's got a grill outside - as well as a hot tub. 

I'd packed a couple of coolers of food so we could eat in.  The premise being that eating in typically tastes better, is better for us and is lots less expensive.  Besides, I love to cook so being on vacation meant I could do so without any time constraints. The kitchen was remarkably well appointed.  The only things I found missing were a big whisk and a potato masher.  Ah, you're saying, that might have been important to this recipe.  Yes, indeed.  Now the good thing is that I make a smashed potato recipe that calls for leaving nice lumps in the potatoes.  I just dreamt up a similar version here.  Outside the door of the house chives and sage grew like crazy.  Basil was down the way in the garden.  I'd planned on melting the butter and browning rosemary but didn't find any rosemary so settled for chives.  These turned out REALLY well.  Now, remember, I was on vacation so I was just tossing ingredients in :-)

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

3 large baking potatoes
1-2 T butter
big spoonful goat cheese
1 T chives, chopped
fresh ground pepper

Do not peel the potatoes.  Dice them and cook them until they're tender.  Drain and stir in the butter, goat cheese, chives and pepper.  Smash them with a fork. 

Can be served leftover as potato pancakes.  Form into 1/2" thick pancakes, dip in flour and brown in olive oil. 


Sarah said...

goat cheese is sinfully good! I bet these are heavenly.

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

This looks fantastic! I made mashed potatoes using Cabot's horseradish cheddar and it had a wonderful tangy flavor to it!

Pure Mama said...

LOVE that picture! :)

JillyAn said...

How can it get better than this? Goat cheese makes everything better.

Torviewtoronto said...

haven't had with goat cheese looks good

Angus Beef said...

Yum! Why didn't I ever think of this? Thanks for sharing.

Evan @swEEts said...

goat cheese IN mashed potatoes?! love it. My boyfriend is going to go crazy about this recipe!

The Mom Chef said...

Oh, that would be an incredible combination. What a great way to vacation. Thanks for sharing.

the constant hunger said...

Mashed potatoes are comfort food, pure and simple. With the addition of goat cheese... Heaven on a plate (and in my mouth)! Great recipe and I'm glad you had a nice getaway!

Scott K said...

I'm a huge fan of goat cheese. Why haven't I thought of this. thanks!

Becky said...

My husband will love these!

Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having said...

This sounds delicious! Next time I make potatoes there will definitely be some goat cheese in there.