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Saturday, August 7, 2010

S'mores in a Glass

We bought a bottle of Pama Pomegranate liqueur last weekend.  I've never been too fond of pomegranates but what the heck.  The first drink we tried was from the flyer attached to the bottle.  It was a martini and was so so.  So, Connie got on the internet to hunt for recipes.  While he was looking through a list of how to make the drink videos, I looked over his shoulder.  There at the top was one by a gal named Jill Davie called S'more Delight.  Gotta see that video!  We watched it twice.  The only thing we were missing was almond milk.  That and our marshmallows could have been used as very small bowling balls.  Connie was off to the grocery for his normal Sunday evening shopping expedition anyway...  Why not try it.  See how easily we're distracted when it comes to a new, fun drink?  Or a great new recipe?  The long and short of it is, this is a really fun drink.  It's pretty sweet so is probably better for an after-dinner drink.  But, it's one we'll absolutely make again. 

S'mores Delight

1 T creamy peanut butter
1 T chocolate syrup
1 oz vodka

1/2 oz dark rum
1/2 oz kahlua
2 oz almond milk
miniature marshmallows on a skewer for garnish
chocolate syrup for garnish


In a measuring cup or sturdy glass, mix the peanut butter

and chocolate syrup.  Add the vodka and mix well. 

Pour into an ice-filled shaker with the dark rum, kahlua and almond milk.  Shake vigorously. 

Toast marshmallows.  We used a butane torch. 

Line a glass with chocolate syrup.  We used martini glasses. 

Pour the drinks in

and garnish with the toasted marshmallows.


For those of you who want a more traditional s'more, August 10th is National S'mores Day.  Check out this blog by the Chocolate Priestess


Marisa said...

This sounds soo good! I'm sure it hits the spot! Love it.

Anonymous said...

These sound delicious! I love s'mores, but have definitely never had them this way before.

BakingWithoutABox said...

S'mores with booze! Can't beat that! Will have to try it.

Angus Beef said...

Wow, that looks really good and sounds like a fun twist on a classic. Love the marshmallow garnish too!

Kathy Gori said...

very interesting!! Haven't had s'mores since brownie camp!

Evan @swEEts said...

You just combined 2 of my faves.. smores and cocktails :) fabulous!


Mmmm! That sounds amazing!

Nicole@ The Dirty Oven said...

Love almond milk, but never thought to add it to a cocktail. New ideas are brewing!!! Smores in a glass... love it!

Gree said...

Oh my! These look amazing! What a great idea, my mouth is watering!

Kim (Liv Life) said...

Never really liked smores.... too messy. But, in a glass, and not at Girl Scout camp sounds far more interesting!

Pure Mama said...

This is so wrong and yet so so right! I'm beginning to think my diet is in serious jeopardy! Great job... definitely giving this one a try :)

The Mom Chef said...

I'm as bad as you! As soon as I saw this I started going through what's in my cupboards in my mind and all I'm missing is the almond milk. Since most store bought almond milk has sugar added, I wonder if using regular milk would cut the sweetness but still give the desired consistency (?).

Kate said...

I almost did try plain milk with a touch of almond flavoring. Would love to hear how it turns out if you do it. BTW- did you know National S'mores Day is tomorrow. Too funny that I chose this drink for the same week... Yes, made the blueberry crisp and it was AWESOME!! Are you ok with me publishing the recipe on my blog?

Dionne Baldwin said...

Now THAT looks deliscious!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I put a link to this post in my post for tomorrow. I hope you do not mind the shout out.

Kate said...

I love the shout-out :-) Thank you so much! I'll try and go back and link to yours tomorrow.

Becky said...

We make s'mores in our backyard fire pit all of the time. Now we'll have to try the drink!!!!