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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mrs. Huber's Cole Slaw

For the first five plus years I knew Connie, I yammered on about the wonderful fried chicken livers at the Huber Family Farm in Starlight, IN.  In 1994, I went there with a friend and was hooked.  Problem is it's a good 2 hour drive from Indy.  Just a bit far for a casual dinner.  Finally, a couple of months ago, I had to take a business trip to Evansville.  Connie got to go along.  So, guess where we stopped for dinner on the way back?  Yup, Huber Family Farm.  A fun aside here, we got the geezer rate at the Casino Aztar hotel, drove 4 hours each way and ate five meals - all for under $200.  Probably qualifies for Rachael Ray's $40 a day deal!  At any rate, we got to the restaurant and there was no question what we were having for dinner.  Splitting the chicken liver dinner and getting the extra sides.  Even better was the fact they had Huber Winery wines (different Huber's) on the menu.  We ran out of our Huber wines several months ago so it was fun to have one.  The waitress brought the fried biscuits and apple butter to the table.  I thought Connie was going to start in on the apple butter with a spoon.  It was that good.  I went up front to get a cookbook and see if that recipe and the chicken liver one was in there.  They were.  Then, they served dinner and one of our sides was Mrs. Huber's slaw.  We've always been a mayonnaise cole slaw family.  This was vinegar and oil.  We were both smitten.  I bought the cookbook.  When we got that gorgeous cabbage from the CSA, I asked Connie if he'd like half of it turned into Mrs. Huber's slaw.  Would he ever. 

Mrs. Huber's Slaw

2 heads cabbage, chopped (I shredded mine in the processor)
1 large green pepper, very finely chopped
1 large onion, very finely chopped
1 T salt
2 c sugar
1 c red wine vinegar
1 c vegetable oil
1 T celery seed

Reserve 2 T of sugar.  Toss the rest with the cabbage.  Toss in the green pepper and onion. 

In a large saucepan, mix together the other ingredients, including the 2T of sugar. Bring it to a boil.

Pour it over the cabbage. 

Best after it's rested overnight in the refrigerator.  I made a quarter of this and it's a good 4 servings of slaw.  Actually, I made half the dressing recipe and it's in the refrigerator hoping for another cabbage on Saturday!  Since I was making the dressing separately, I added all the sugar to the dressing and didn't toss any with the cabbage.  It didn't seem to affect the flavor in any way.

adapted from A Collection of Family Recipes & Traditions by Bonnie Huber and Daughters

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