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Monday, June 21, 2010


My first memory of a Grasshopper is from an evening with my father in about 1973.  I was a senior in high school and went down to Orlando to visit him.  He took me to a wonderful restaurant called Maison et Jardin (house and garden in French) but lovingly called the Mason Jar by those frequenting the place.  The waiter made the caesar salad tableside and saw me eyeing the anchovies.  My salad wound up with several extra of the salty little fish.  After dinner we went to a piano bar and he shared a Grasshopper with me.  It was the old-fashioned kind with ice cream and green creme de menthe.  To this day, it's the best Grasshopper I've ever had.  When I saw this recipe, it triggered so many good memories.  Daddy's been gone 34 years now and until tonight I've not had a Grasshopper to rival that one.  So, how did this one come about?  Yesterday was shopping day.  UGH!  We both hate shopping with a passion.  Make a list, get in and out and get it over with.  Broad Ripple Farmers Market, Trader Joe's, Penzeys, Marsh, Sam's.  You name the food emporium, we were there.  I promised myself that I would NOT get another cookbook at Sam's.  Who needs as many as I have?  But, I picked up Cat Cora's Classics with a twist and was hooked.  Didn't see one recipe I wouldn't make.  And, most that I saw I wanted to make NOW.  The cookbook came home with us.  In fact, the cookbook was read aloud on the way home then on the way up to my brother John's for the May MOPS birthday celebration.  I took it inside so everyone else could see it too.  Tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons, Barbados sweet potatoes, lamb stroganoff with creme fraiche and rosemary.  Sign me up.   When I finally signed off the computer tonight, Connie made me a grasshopper.  It looked exactly like the photo in the book.  And, it was heavenly.  WOW, I can't begin to say how good this drink was.  Light, almost refreshing, beautiful.  I'd have it again tomorrow night.  But, Sunday night is cocktail night so I'll have to wait a week.  Then, it'll be time to bust open the bottle of Limencello...


1/2 oz dark chocolate
2 t light corn syrup (for the glass rims)
6 oz clear creme de menthe
6 oz white chocolate liqueur (ie:  Godiva)
6 oz vanilla vodka
4 small mint sprigs

Grate the chocolate and put it in a flat bowl.  Coat the glass rims with the corn syrup then run the rims through the chocolate.  Pour the liqueurs and vodka into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.  Shake until well blended and pour into the glasses.  Top with a mint sprig.

Serves 4

from Cat Cora's Classics with a Twist


Kathy said...

Oh Good, I'm the first one to post on this! Gonna try this one soon. Just need to run to the liquor store tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out. Love your blog!

Kate said...

Perfect! Hopefully we can share a round of these this summer :-) Great to see the two of you today!