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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


With a bunch of busy ladies, there's always bound to be a glitch.  It's not if, it's when.  So, our friend Stacy has been on the receiving end more than once.  And, as Stacy always is, she's been incredibly gracious.  THANK YOU STACY!!!  So, as you may have guessed, Stacy is this month's Blogger C.L.U.E. orphan.  When I found out, I jumped at the opportunity to once again make something from her blog.  The fact that I love her blog is no surprise to anyone, I'm sure.  I've prattled on about her muffins and loads of other yummy dishes. 

This month our word was celebration.  Now, even though you may not think of this dish as celebratory, I do.  Why?  Well, we've had a bit of challenge in our lives recently.  And, spending an evening home with just my hubby is reason for celebration.  And, this is exactly the kind of comfort food with which we love to celebrate those wonderful evenings home.

Tartiflette.  Stacy made this in honor of her time in France and in remembrance of those murdered in the terrorist shootings.  She picked such a quintessentially French dish.  And, strangely enough, one I'd never heard of.  Now, we make an amazing dish that's layered potatoes, cabbage, bacon and cheese.  Here's the link to that:   Bacon Cabbage Potato Torte.  This is similar but different.  Brie cheese versus extra sharp cheddar.  Onions versus cabbage.  One layer of potatoes versus three. 

We got home from yet another wild day at the office.  Seven appointments today.  Six each of the next two days.  Missing our right hand woman who's out for a couple of months getting her knee replaced.  Dealing with major changes to Social Security that'll cause us to have to redo a couple hundred plans.  Dealing with several clients who've been offered early retirements.  Taking over the care of some relatives who have had a rough row to hoe thanks to another relative taking advantage of them.  Yeah, you might say I am looking forward to a nap on Christmas day!!!  Because that will be my only opportunity and it will happen.  I had a list.  Prep for a dinner party on Friday.  Make and freeze chicken green bean casseroles.  Make Giada's Asian chicken salad for lunches tomorrow and Friday.  De-fat then freeze the chicken stock I made on Sunday.  Finish cleaning up the kitchen after Monday's dinner party.  I'd pretty much decided it was a pizza kind of an evening.  Then, I found out Stacy was orphaned.  And, I added to my list.  Tartiflette.  Doesn't the name just make you smile?  Me too.  So, as I was doing everything else, I halved some potatoes and tossed them in boiling water.  Bacon got chunked up and tossed in a big skillet.  Then, the bacon got drained and onions went into the skillet.  Once those were happy, white wine got added.  Then, when the white wine had cooked in, half the onions got pulled out and half the bacon added back in.  The drained and sliced potatoes were added topped with the balance of the onions and the bacon.  Then, on top of that a veritable bounty of brie cheese.  The huge wheel I'd bought for one of the Christmas Eve appetizers.  Enough that both Connie and I looked at all of that cheese and said maybe, just maybe that was over the top.  It was indeed.  But, it was so daggone good that I'd do it again tomorrow.  Then, everything got put in the oven for thirty minutes.  So the cheese could melt into the potatoes and bacon and onion.  So it would get ooey, gooey wonderful!!! 

Here's the link to the recipe on Stacy's blog:  Tartiflette.  While you're there, please take a look around.  Stacy really has some of the best food around.  I ALWAYS find something I love on her blog.  But, I do think this one takes the cake!  Thanks Stacy!!!

Here are the dishes from my other Blogger CLUE friends:


Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

You rock, my friend! What a comforting dish. Perfect for a tough, busy week.

Unknown said...

Celebrating the every day is something we don't do enough. Thanks for sharing your story and Stacey's blog.

Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet said...

What an interesting dish - I must try this! Happy Holidays!

A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Thanks Kate for all your hard work and for picking up our orphan. Merry Christmas.

Debra Eliotseats said...

I went to Stacy's blog to see the recipe immediately! Thanks for letting us know you could substitute brie. Sorry Stacy was the orphan this month but so glad you swooped in!

Anna @annaDishes said...

Ooooh, bacon, potatoes and brie! Sign me up!

Stacy Rushton said...

Oh, Kate, thank you so much! My deepest apologies for taking so long to get around to visiting to see which recipe you chose and thank you! In the aftermath of the holidays, you have lifted my spirits by your kind words. I hope that 2016 will be a blessed year for you, my friend. You are a sweetheart and deserve only the best!