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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boston and Cape Cod

Home from the cruise on July 1st.  Unpack.  Do some laundry.  Dig through 800 new emails and a ton of tasks.  Work all day on July 4th.  Fly to Boston on July 5th.  Fly back on July 8th.  Head to the house to pick up the doggie woggie.  Head to the office.  Dig through 300 new emails.  Finish getting ready for next week.  Watch a few drops of rain fall.  YAY!  Well, maybe just yay...  Indy is in the midst of a severe drought and a few drops will just evaporate...  Oh, well.  So, that's what's been going on in my life.  Whew!

This time I did take a few food photos...  But, I also took a LOT of other fun photos.  So, please come along and enjoy the ride...

Off to Boston.  

Here's Connie in front of our hotel. 

He was getting psyched to play tour guide for the five of us.  Nothing like a native as a tour guide.  We walked part of the Freedom Trail and thoroughly enjoyed taking in all the history.  See the red bricks? 

They're the way the Freedom Trail is marked. 

First up was King's Chapel. 

Then, we saw the original location of the first public school in North America (Boston Latin - founded in 1635 - Connie's an alum,) then Faneuil Hall,

then the location of the Boston Massacre,

the old state house

the Custom House...

Don't you love the juxtaposition of the old and new?

Then on to Long Wharf

walking until our feet were totally worn out and we were all ready for a shower before dinner.

Talk about amazing showers.  Can you believe this?

Friday, it was time to buckle down and work.  Can you imagine trying to concentrate when you've got this view?

 Yes, that's North Church's steeple poking up in the photo.  Just so much history.

Friday evening it was time for dinner in the North End with 14 of Connie's relatives.  Can you spot his sister?

Yeah, I know.  They look like twins.  The other lovely ladies in the photo are his cousin Kathleen and his Aunt Kay.  I wish Aunt Kay and my mother could meet each other.  They are so much alike.  No wonder I'm so crazy about her - she reminds me of my Mom!

Here's cousin Geri with me

After dinner a drive to Cape Cod to Barbara's Cape house.   Arrival time?  1 am.  Straight to bed.  Up way to early to hit the computer and work.  Connie finally woke up and found me deep in thought

About 9:00 we headed to The Celtic Kitchen.  The line was HUGE.  The touristas have invaded Cape Cod, I griped.  Connie burst out laughing and reminded me I'm one of them!  Yeah, but I visit all times of year!!!

Fine, off to 6A and west to Sandwich.  We knew there was a diner in Barnstable but didn't know it'd changed hands and was now fantastic.  Lucky us.  Breakfast at the Blue Plate Diner.  Actually, clam chowder on the way back too.  Clam chowder that should win awards.  I just finished dinner prior to typing this and my mouth is STILL watering! 

Finally, at our destination.  Remember, please, we live in Indianapolis.  Home of Eli Lilly.  Major pharmaceutical company.  The Lilly's are huge around here.  Turns out Joseph Lilly permanently relocated from Indy to Cape Cod.  Sandwich to be specific.  Kind of what I plan on doing when we retire.  I do love Cape Cod.  He bought 70+ acres and called it Heritage Plantation.  He donated it and now it's a museum.  Incredible grounds and some fun museums.  Antique cars.  Americana.  And, during our visit, a retrospective of Norman Rockwell's photographs.  Photos???  Yes, photos.  That's how he got the fantastic detail in his paintings.  He had MANY photos taken then had them cast on a screen.  From that he made sketches.  Often, he combined different elements.  There was one showing four or five photos, sketches etc of different faces for one painting.  We had no clue this was going to be there.  Talk about a super double bonus.  No photography was allowed or you'd be able to see what I'm talking about.  In addition to the Rockwell retrospective there was an antique car show.  Not my bag but a bit interesting nonetheless.

Oh, and the gates.  Whimsical gates.  I want one of these

And along the way what we really came for:  daylilies. 

And hydrangeas.  Can you believe the size of those???  Yup, those are Connie's sunglasses.

Along the way we walked the path on Swamee Lake and enjoyed seeing the swans. 

We tried out the vibraphones in the kids exploration area.  Yes, I know we're a bit older than kids.  Does that make a big difference???

And, I can't forget the water.  Connie manages to stick his hand in water.  Fountains.  Waterfalls.  About the only water source he misses sticking his hand in is a drinking fountain.  That is a normal drinking fountain.  If it's a bit funky?  He's there!

Are you tired yet?  We sure were.  Yet, the day was only half over.  And, the great food was yet to come. 

It was time to head to Greg and Mary's.  Greg is Connie's middle son.  Mary is his girlfriend.  Wonderful kids. 

Grilled lobster.  Do you love lobster as much as I do?  Well, I thought the stuff couldn't be improved upon.  Steam it, dump it in some clarified butter, inhale.  No more.  I'm off to Epicurious and the Grilled Lobster with Tarragon Butter.  Did I take photos?  Nope.  By that time I was exhausted.  My camera was stashed and I was too busy cooking to hunt.

We had our new favorite appetizers - onion biscuits.  Followed by salad, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini and the grilled lobster.  YUM.  Oh, I can't forget the berrylicious pie from Crow Farms.  With vanilla bean ice cream.  Yeah, it was a fantastic dinner. 

Now, it's back to reality.  And, yes, I did miss my furry kids.  And, I'm ready to be back in the office.  And, cooking in my own kitchen. 


The Mom Chef said...

We LOVE Boston and Cape Cod! Hubby would move to MA if it weren't for the weather and me digging my heels in over that. Yes, the combination of new and old is amazing.

Your trip looked like so, so much fun, even with all the work you had to do.

The gate reminded me of when we checked out Stephen King's home up in Maine. Way cool; spider web-type thing. Very Kingish.

So good to have you home!

Lizzy said...

You are like the energizer bunny! Such a fun time you and Connie had in Boston...but I know it's always good to be home (and reunited with our furry friends).