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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 Points From Leftovers???

Remember me blogging about finding The Best American Recipes 2002-2003 at the Midland Arts and Antique Mall?  Well, we made the Bloody Mary Grape Tomatoes and I found probably a dozen other recipes I wanted to try.  In fact, I made a whole week's worth of menus around recipes I wanted to try from that cookbook.  The first one we tried was called Blue Plate Meatloaf.  I didn't think you'd ever see the photos, read the recipe or even know we'd tried it.  We found it very dense and uninteresting.  Both of us rather grudgingly gave it a three on our scale of 1-5. 

At that point I was worried.  Were the grape tomatoes an aberration?  Were the rest of the recipes going to be average?  Did I have a whole week of average recipes coming up?  ARGH!  Now, I've cooked for long enough that I know good and well that every cookbook has some clunkers.  And, I should've been calm and reasonable.  I wasn't.  I should have been.  Because the next recipe we made was a five.  We've now had the Greek Macaroni and Cheese THREE times.  That's right, THREE times.  And, there's enough there for a fourth time.  And, my darling husband who doesn't really care for leftovers has requested it for leftovers.  Let me just say it's incredible and you will see the recipe.  I promise. 

So, back to the meatloaf.  I used the leftover meat to make the meatloaf burgers that we absolutely loved.  So the basic premise was good.  It was just that the meatloaf was pretty dense.  My intent was to do what my mom did with leftover meatloaf:  fry it then smother it with tomato sauce.  She'd take a little butter and flour and make a roux then pour in tomato juice to make a sauce.  It was VERY good.  But, once I got the meatloaf sliced and floured, my brain remembered the barbecue sauce I used on the meatloaf burgers.  What if???  What if I poured a little Jack Daniels and a little shagbark hickory syrup in and kicked the barbecue sauce up?  I poured the sauce in a little saucepan and added the Jack and syrup and called Connie in to taste it. " OHHHH, he says.  Ohhhh, that's sweet.  Not too sweet.  Just right.  Very good."  We had a winner. 

Now, before I did anything with the meatloaf, I chopped up a head of broccoli that'd been cooling its heels for far too long in my vegetable crisper.  I tossed it with white truffle oil and popped it in the oven.  Typically, I've roasted broccoli for about 15 minutes.  Tonight, it went for about 20 minutes then I turned the oven off while I finished the meatloaf.  The broccoli was just plain caramelized.  Connie referred to it as broccoli candy.  It was.  I've never had broccoli that tasted as good.  I'm sure it helped that I dusted the broccoli with a little black truffle salt.  But, you know, it'd have been a five even without that.  Here's a link to the Truffle Oil Broccoli Recipe.

Neither of us expected much from the meatloaf.  It was leftovers.  I didn't even have the camera out.  We'd used it to take photos of the yard as we did our FIRST 2011 walkaround. So it was on the bar.  Connie grabbed it and shot a couple of photos as I served the dinner.  Guess what?  It was leftovers extraordinaire.  I'll make the meatloaf just to have it leftover!  And the sauce?  Oh La La!!!

Blue Plate Meatloaf with Bourbon BBQ Sauce

for the meatloaf:
1/2 c fresh bread crumbs
1/2 c buttermilk
1/2 lb ground sausage
1/2 lb ground turkey or veal
1 lb very lean ground beef
1 small yellow onion, finely minced
1/4 c parsley, minced
1 large egg
1/2 t freshly ground black pepper
1/4 t salt

For the topping:
sliced bacon
soy sauce

for the leftovers:
freshly ground pepper
bbq sauce
Jack Daniels
shagbark hickory or maple syrup


Mix the bread crumbs

and buttermilk well. 

Make sure the buttermilk is totally absorbed.  Then, mix that with the rest of the ingredients. 

Put the mixture on a rimmed baking sheet

and form into a meatloaf shape.  Top with sliced bacon then a little ketchup mixed with soy sauce. 

Bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes. 

To serve this leftover, slice it into 1" thick slices.  Flour the slices and brown in olive oil until the slices are nice and browned.  Make a sauce with commercial bbq sauce, Jack Daniels and syrup.  Heat the sauce and pour it over the meatloaf. 

adapted from The Best American Recipes, 2002-2003


Krissyp said...

Looks delicious. I like what you did with the broccoli too! Have to give that a try.

Okay also I want to let you know that I have been tagged in a game "Tag you are it"! and I am tagging you now!:) Visit when you have time!

Mateja ^_^ said...

Love it! Looks amazing with the shiny glaze over the top, thank you for sharing :)

Monet said...

Can you please come and cook dinner for me? I use up all of my creative juices baking...and I never come up with something as delicious as this. Thanks for sharing, my friend. This looks just too scrumptious. Many blessings to you and yours!

Belinda @zomppa said...

The bourbon sauce looks simply amazing!!! I'm coming over too.

Cheryl and Adam @ said...

The meatloaf swimming in all that sauce looks so appetizing and the truffle oil broccoli is a favorite of ours as well, although we've never caramelized it, sounds really good!

Kath said...

What a clever way to resurrect your meatloaf, Kate!

And now I want broccoli candy! Maybe Bob will like broccoli roasted with truffle oil.

And I'm really looking forward to your Greek Macaroni and Cheese. I'll stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

oooo Bourbon bbq sauce, delicious! I just made a bourbon marinated steak and it was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

We love meatloaf -- I've never made it with bacon before! Yum!

Kankana said...

Oh! This is making is super hungry ...

Lizzy said...

I remember when you found this cookbook...glad the recipe was a fluke (it sure sounds good!)...and way to resurrect it!

Kate @ said...

This looks yummy! nom nom nom... would love to try this!

Jason Phelps said...

Definitely a winner here. The sauce for the meatloaf certainly caught my attention!

I need to get some truffle oil.