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Monday, January 3, 2011

100 Hours and Counting

In less than 100 hours, we'll open the front door to our first party guest.  We always look forward to seeing everyone even though we don't get to spend much time with each person.  So, what's it look like around here?  The entertainment center is food central.  I've stacked cans and jars and bags on top of it.  Bags of more canned goods and chips and the like are on the floor. 

My spreadsheet of what needs to be accomplished every day is done and some things have been checked off.  I still need to make a list of the serving dishes and their locations.  The house is pretty clean and will need a bit of pick up and touch up on Thursday.  We need to rearrange the furniture in the living room and put away knick knacks on those pieces we'll use as serving tables.  The carpet gets cleaned on Wednesday. 

We went to the office for a bit this morning then came home a little before noon and started cooking.  Here's what we've accomplished:

Turkey - the brine, paste and rub - done
Grand Marnier cranberry compote - done
Pork tenderloin marinade - done
Scallion mustard mayonnaise sauce - done
Beef tenderloin rub - done
Chicken satay marinade - done
Chicken Satay dipping sauce - done
Teriyaki flank steak skewer marinade - done
Shrimp and pineapple skewer grilling sauce - done
Sassy shrimp marinade - done
Bourbon cured salmon - done
Cranberry chutney for brie - done
Rosemary cream for goat cheese - done
Marinated olives - done
Marinade for provolone - done
Mushroom pesto - done
Smoked salmon deviled eggs, eggs hard cooked - done
Caesar deviled eggs, hard cooked - done
Eggs with anchovy crumbs, eggs hard cooked - done
Greek salad stackers, tomatoes roasted - done

That's about all we're going to get done today.  Tomorrow we'll concentrate on desserts and some finger foods that can be cooked and frozen for a couple of days.  Wednesday we prep then grill or roast the meats and fix all the cracker spreads plus start some finger foods like rumaki and wrapped waterchestnuts.  Thursday we've got to get the skewers ready for the grill, make the veggie dips, prep the ingredients for the scooper dips and make the crab cakes.  Friday Connie'll slice all the meats, we'll cut up all the veggies, make the deviled eggs, put together a few more last minute things and put together the scooper dips.

In total, we've got about 80 dishes to prepare for 160 people.  And, actually, that's how many have rsvp'd yes.  Ten to twenty show up without rsvp'ing.  I know, my mother is aghast.  We're used to it.  25% response rate.  Unbelievable.  We've even added a line to the invitation that says something along the line of, "To help us plan this extravaganza, please let us know whether or not you'll be here."   We really appreciate those who take the time to respond.  But, all the ranting aside, we love to do this.  I have the best clients in the world.  And, we've got the best family and friends.  It's an opportunity to do something special for them.   Here's what it looked like around here this afternoon:

So, my friends, as you looked through the photos, I have two questions for you.  Do you think we'll have enough garlic?  And, do you see why I buy the big jars of the pre-chopped stuff - lol?


Roxan said...

Wow, 160+ people? What's the party for? I've been gone for about a week so I feel really behind on things? Sounds like a fun challenge though, the menu sounds amazing. Keep us updated on how the event goes, I'd love to see pictures.

Ang said...

You Go! It's kind of like "Dinner impossible" :) Sounds like you have everything under control and moving along perfectly. Best wishes to you and this BIG celebration!

Trix said...

I don't think I have liked half that number of people in my life, lol!! Wow. Color me impressed. And in answer to your question: There is never enough garlic! ; )

Anonymous said...

enough garlic, but the bottle of Jim Beam looked a bit small...

Kate said...

Forgot that you're going to be here John. We'll make sure to get more :-)

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

Oh. My. God. What a giant feast! I have no idea how you're so calm. I would be panicking at all this prep, not to mention the random people showing up. Kudos to you for pulling this off with such grace! Can't wait to read all about the next stage :)

Tiffany said...

Marinade for provolone???? YUM! :D

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Too bad I'm prepping for a feast too, I'd show up. How lucky are our guests. Have fun.