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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Grapevine Smoked Duck Breasts with Peaches

Sometimes the most simple recipes are the most amazing.  Take this weekend's recipe from Mimi.  Smoked duck breasts with peaches.  Cross hatch the fatty side of the duck breasts, rub them with salt and pepper.  Put them in a hot skillet fat side down to render some of the fat.  Smoke them over grapevines.  Saute peach halves in the duck fat.  Super simple and totally incredible.  These duck breasts were perfect on their own.  They will be amazing in many different preparations.  Like a few slices on top of risotto.  Or, on a salad.  Or, in a sandwich.  Or on pizza.

I will say that my thermometer for the grill died a couple of months ago.  I bought what I thought was a replacement but this one isn't supposed to be used on the grill.  So, it was either guess or keep poking.  I guessed.  And, I guessed too early.  So, once we cut into our duck and it was a bit too rare for us, I sliced the breasts and brought them to the right temp in the bit of peach flavored duck fat that was still sitting in the skillet.  I'll probably use the same technique next time because we liked how evenly done the breasts were. 

Here's how it came together:

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