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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wee Mac Connelly

We have a new furry kid.  A few weeks ago we were invited to two parties on the same evening.  Between Janie's house and Rich and Juli's, we stopped at the office to grab a jacket for me.  It felt like it might get chilly and I knew the party at Rich and Juli's was going to be outside.  I was pretty excited to be heading to their house.  The party was to celebrate daughter Kelsey beiing in remission. Remember our purple stripes in our hair?  We did those to show Kelsey we believed in her.  And, now, we've got the wonderful news that she's in remission. 

Here we are at the office. Next to our parking lot there's a pond.  It's a pretty good-sized pond.  Lots of folks fish there.  So, we're getting in the car and Connie announces that some crazy fisherman has brought his cat.  Yeah, right.  He's obviously seeing things.  Instead of getting in the car, I hike over to the fishermen.  Lo and behold there's a cute little black and white kitten rubbing their ankles.  I asked if he was theirs and they said no, he'd followed them to this side of the pond.  I picked him up and said hello then put him down and headed toward the car.  He ran with alongside me.  What choice did I have?  

Here's where those of you who are cat lovers are saying to yourselves, "Of course, that was the only choice."  Those of you who aren't fond of cats are probably saying, "You idiot."  Connie wasn't amused.  But we took the little fellow home and Connie ran to the basement to get a carrier.  From there he went to the screened porch.  Where he immediately used the litter box.  Score!  Connie filled the bowl with dry food.  Probably a cup and a half (half a cup is a daily serving for a kitten.)  It was inhaled by the time we got home three hours later. 

We went through dozens of names.  Connie wanted to call him Go Away.  I was leaning toward Henry.  You know.  OH, Henry!  Then, I told Mom about him and it dawned on me that her maiden name and Connie's mom's maiden name were pretty darned close.  I suggested MacConnelly.  One of our favorite beers is Wee Mac from SunKing Brewery.  Connie suggested Wee Mac Connelly. 

Wee Mac Connelly now is happily ensconced in the house.  He's decided Annie is fun to play with but the laser pointer is the BEST!  He's learning that humans do not like to have their toes attacked while sleeping.  He's figured out that Connie is the food guy.  In spite of his not liking cats, Connie spoils Wee Mac something fierce. He gets kitty treats when Annie gets scooby snacks.  "Hey Mister, you got a dog?" is now followed by, "Hey Mister, you got a cat?"  He's getting accustomed to the fact that George and Gracie are old cats and really do not care for kittens.  He's become the king of the family room.  Above, he is snoozing in his favorite spot - right by the door to the kitchen so he can check on us as we come and go.  By the way, he's also learned that kitties who have invisible fence collars cannot go in the kitchen or they get zapped.  One zap and he was savvy to that rule.  He is one smart little guy.  And, the best part?  He's a total snuggle bug.

Here's a pic of Wee Mac the evening we brought him home:

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ping said...

Hello Kate. I came over from Lizzy's when I saw her version of your to-die-for-pavlova and forgot to leave my comment while I ran over here :)
I love a good cat story. We've never been cat people (love animals but could never understand cats and had dogs instead for a long time) until our 2 cats adopted us. Yeah, they adopt us, not the other way around :)
And now, we've learnt how much character cats have and more.
Wee Mac looks adorable! The little kitty pic looks a lot like the one of Oreo (my F-A-T one. Shhh ... not too loud, he might get a complex) when he first turned up in our garden.
Nice to meet you!