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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breakfast Burgers

Tomorrow is the big day.  My puttanesca salad is going to be prepared by my wonderful friend, Chef Joseph, for a new public television program called Indiana Cooks.  Kim Galeaz, the host of the show, just called to say she'd made the recipe for dinner and LOVED it.  Whew! 

Originally I was told I'd get to cook on camera.  I was totally psyched.  I teach a lot of classes related to my real job - financial planning.  And, every week I've got a 10 minute spot on a radio show dealing with the same.  So, cooking on air would be fun.  Then, I found out I'm just interviewed from the audience.  Bummer.  The good news is that Chef Joseph is one of our dear friends.  He's got a fabulous restaurant downtown Indy.  HE's doing the cooking.  That's almost as good as me getting to cook.  Here's a shot of Joseph practicing the recipe at our home a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight, we tried something we keep reading about - breakfast burgers.  Hamburgers topped with gruyere, bacon and fried eggs.  And, to add a teeny, tiny bit of healthiness - a big handful of arugula.  Let me start by saying my burgers almost always have Andria's steak sauce in them.  It is SO much better than any other steak sauce I've ever had.  They'll ship and it's worth it.  Believe me.  Worth it - totally.  In spite of the howling winds (can you believe Hurricane Sandy made herself felt all the way out here in Indy????) I grilled the burgers.  Then, I cracked open a new jar of Dijon from the Mustard Museum.  You've never heard of them?  They ship too.  And, they sell this great mystery box.  This is the tail end of last Christmas' present for Connie.  Just in time too since he wants the same gift this year! 

What did we think?  These were a five.  We loved them.  My friend, Matt, had told me that he got hooked on eggs on his burgers when they lived in Texas.  Now, I know why.  Yum, yum, yum.  Here are some photos along the way:


Lizzy Do said... many things I need to try! #1 eggs on burgers, #2 Sndria's steak sauce and #3 Dijon from the Mustard Museum.

Was the show taped? If so, when does it air? Such an honor for you, Kate! I'm just thrilled to pieces for you!!!

Debra Eliotseats said...

I had the most delicious burger at Chef Tim Love's Love Shack in Ft. Worth that had a fried quail egg on it. Delicious. I'm pretty sure it was called the Dirty Love Burger! :)