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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grady's Deli

I wonder how many of us have an undiscovered gem of a deli close to home?  We certainly did.  For the last four years I've driven by Grady's Deli once or twice a week.  It's in an old Arby's and the sign outside says they have great soups.  Did I ever stop in?  Nope. 

It was time to take a friend to lunch and I wanted to go someplace new.  Connie and I brainstormed and had a list of several options.  Grady's won. 

We took a look at the menu and weren't too certain.  And, it's not fast food.  Far from it.  Grady makes all the sandwiches himself.  He also makes the soups and the sauces and the potato chips.  And, it is worth every minute of waiting. 

All three of us loved our meals.  I got the half barbecue beef and soup - which was an amazing corn and shrimp chowder.  Connie got the half Grady's special and the roasted tomato bisque.  Nancy got the turkey.  We all split an order of the housemade chips.

Then, on the way back to the office today from an appointment with my friend and colleague, Patti, I suggested that we stop for lunch.  I told her it's the kind of place where you take a bite and say, "Mmmmmmm."  About halfway through her broccoli cheddar soup and half cajun turkey sandwich she laughed and said, "It certainly is the kind of place you take a bite and say MMMMMM!"  We split an order of the chips.  They come with a sauce that's just a bit spicy.  It's perfect for chips!

This time I got the half Grady's special and the broccoli cheddar soup.  I brought Connie the same and got to listen to him going MMMMM through the sliding window that separates our office.

Here's what my lunch looked like:

If you're in the Indianapolis area, I hope you'll visit Grady's.  These are really good folks who make one heckuva sandwich!


Eliotseats said...

I LOVE finding places like this. It definitely makes one want to explore more!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Yummm! I love this...

Lizzy said...

Wow, that sandwich looks excellent. A new restaurant for me, too!