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Monday, November 21, 2011

Irish Pancakes

It's Secret Recipe Club time again!  And, I was assigned a gem of a blog.  Josie's Kitchen.  Josie oozes enthusiasm for life and is a delight to read.  Most months I print a dozen recipes and debate what I'm going to try.  This time, I found MY recipe in a few minutes.  Irish Pancakes.  Something I've never had.  You see, when I've been to Ireland, I've focused on oatmeal or a traditional Irish breakfast. 

Let's talk for a moment about a traditional Irish breakfast.  It's unlike anything you've ever had.  Josie has a perfect description of one on her blog.  Here's a link to her blog about their trip to Ireland:  Irish breakfast.  The closest thing I've found here in the states is a restaurant on Cape Cod that we frequent that has real Irish breakfasts.  I'm feeling stuffed just thinking about one!!

I've been to Ireland twice and have loved the food.  My favorite was something that I couldn't find the second trip - a salad sandwich.  It's a mixture of cucumbers, tomato and mayo on bread.  Unfortunately, I think the food in Ireland has become too global and some of the old standby's have gone by the wayside. 

So, back to the Irish Pancakes.  It's funny about how we all have preconceived notions.  Pancake.  To an American it means a light fluffy syrup delivery system.  This recipe called for drizzling each plate with lemon juice then sprinkling it with powdered sugar.  THEN, you put the pancake on top.  Ok, so  I did that.  Grudgingly since pancake means shagbark hickory syrup to me.  The pancakes were more like crepes.  And they were oh, so very good.  Thank you Josie!  It's been a delight getting to know you :-)

Irish Pancakes


1 c flour
4 eggs
1 T sugar
1 c milk
2-3 T butter
powdered sugar
lemon juice


Pour the flour into a medium bowl.  Make a well in the center.  Crack each egg into a small bowl then pour it into the well.  (nb:  that way if you do get shell in the egg you don't have to fish through the flour...)  Whisk the eggs and flour together.  Add the sugar and whisk it in.  Slowly add the milk, whisking after each addition.  Once the batter is nice and smooth, put it aside for an hour to rest. 

Prepare your plates.  Drizzle each with lemon juice then sprinkle with powdered sugar.  I took half a lemon and gently squeezed once around the plate then used about 2 t of powdered sugar per plate.

Heat a medium skillet.  Put in about 1/2 t of butter.  When it's sizzling, you're ready to cook your first pancake.  I used a regular ladle to pour the batter in.  It should cover the bottom of the skillet. 

I used medium heat and the first side took five minutes.  The second side took two minutes. 

When both sides are nice and brown, slide the pancake onto a prepared plate.  Now, doesn't that photo make you want to run in your kitchen and make some of these! 

Here are the other recipes in this week's Secret Recipe club reveal.  If you'd like to visit SRC, I've included a link up in the first line of this blog.  It's a lot of fun to participate in.  Each month we're assigned a blog.  Actually, there are so many of us that we're divided into four groups and each group has a Monday.  So, on our Monday at 7:00 am we reveal the recipe we've made from our assigned blog. 


Veronica Gantley said...

Oh Kate, you got a wonderful blog for SRC. I love the Pancakes. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

josie said...


So glad you liked the pancakes!!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I am happy you liked my blog.

Where in Ireland have you been to? I love it there, I'll see if i can find the salad sandwich when Im there next month :)

The SRC is so great!


Kate said...

@Josie - the pancakes were FANTASTIC! My hubby would've loved another batch this morning :-) My Ireland trips have been all over. First time was two weeks mostly west coast but a bit east. Second time was mostly south with Galway being the furthest north. I'd go back today if I could!! I'm looking forward to seeing if you can find the salad sandwich. I should try and recreate it here. It was wonderful!!

Heather I. said...

Irish food intrigues me for some reason. These sound so easy and refreshing- yums!

Cindy said...

Love the lemon juice and powdered sugar! These do look yummy. My brother spent 2 years in Scotland/Ireland on a mission for our church. I'll have to ask him about the breakfasts he ate!
Great post.

Eliotseats said...

I heard a story (at a Waffle House, no less) about a British polo player who came in and poured packet after packet of lemon juice and packet after packet of sugar on his pancakes. This, obviously, must have been the effect he was trying to achieve. Yours, however, looks and sounds much more appetizing! :)

josie said...

Hi Kate,
Aren't these great?! I made them the other day and stuffed them with Nutella and strawberries, such a rebel! hahahaha!!
I haven't been too much on the east, just went to Dublin for the first time this past June. I loved Galway, went there last year and had an awesome time. I asked my bf if he has heard of these salad sammies but he hasn't, I will look for them next time I go to Ireland nonetheless.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lizzy said...

Oh, yum! I love crepes more than traditional pancakes, so these sound amazing.

You'll have to let me know the results of your brownie bake off. I just keep trying new recipes hoping one will stand out...but as long as they are chocolate and fudgy, the gang doesn't seem to have a preference.

Hope you and Connie have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Glad you have a little extra to be grateful for this year :) xo

marla said...

Irish pancakes sound delish! You chose a great recipe for the Secret Recipe club. Here is what I cooked up from group C: :)

Anne@frommysweetheart said...

What a really lovely post! You and Josie both have wonderful blogs and I look forward to getting assigned to them in the future! And these Irish Pancakes look beautiful. Honestly, sometimes I could go without heavy syrup. Looking forward to trying these! : )

Teri@thefreshmancook said...

Your pancakes are beautiful! what a great recipe!

Kirstin said...

THese sound yummy...same ingredients as German pancake but fried instead of baked. may need to try this