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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reuben Dogs

I confess, I've never been a huge fan of Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade.  I try and do as much from scratch as possible.  There are very few prepared foods I purchase.  Jarred sauces and marinades and such sit on my pantry shelves forever.  In fact, one of my goals this year is to get the pantry cleaned out of some of the older stuff.  So, the concept of semi homemade just didn't appeal too much to me.  But, the price tag of $2.99 did.  And, when I skimmed the recipes there were a few that looked really good.  So, I bought it. And found a couple of recipes I'd like to try in the first few pages.  Then, read the rest of it on the way to Rosewind Farms.  Pretty good cookbook. 

As luck would have it, one of the things Maggie had awaiting us in the refrigerator was bangers.  I love those things.  Usually the only time I get bangers is at an Irish restaurant on Cape Cod.  So, these were a treat. 

The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a good idea to replace the hot dogs this recipe called for with the bangers.  Connie grilled them while I fixed the thousand island dressing and got the rest of our lunch put together. 

This is one of those recipes you really don't want to eat in front of folks you want to impress.  That is unless you want to impress upon them your dexterity with a napkin.  How to catch dressing and sauerkraut drizzling down your chin.  Oh, yum.  We ummmmmed our entire way through these guys.  The only change I'd make is to think about toasting the rolls on the cut side then turning them over and putting the cheese slices on top of the toasted side.  I'd not necessarily want the cheese melted but just softened a bit.  Come to think of it, a big old dill sandwich slice on this would've been good too!

Reuben Dogs

Good quality hot dogs
spicy mustard
2 slices pastrami per dog
2 slices swiss cheese per dog
thousand island dressing
2-3 T sauerkraut per dog


Grill the dogs until they're nice and browned. 

Schmear them with spicy mustard.  We like Guldens. 

Wrap them in pastrami and pop them back onto the grill until the pastrami is heated through. 

Cut the rolls in half lengthwise and toast them while you're grilling the pastrami wrapped hot dogs. 

To assemble:  Schmear the toasted rolls with thousand island dressing.  Put the swiss cheese on one half

and top it with the sauerkraut then the hot dog. 

Put the other half roll on top.  Serve immediately.


Sarah said...

Ohhh these look tempting...and I happen to have great napkin dexterity that is just screaming to be shown off.

Tes said...

Those dogs look wickedly delicious :) It sounds flavourful and perfect for the family :)

Megan said...

I love ANYTHING involving the word "reuben." These look mouth-watering!

Kate@Diethood said...

OH I LOVE messy sandwiches! This is right up my alley. Delicious idea!

Cheryl and Adam @ said...

This is Adam's kind of food he loves Reuben sandwiches, loves bangers, loves this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Lizzy said...

This would be fabulous with some of Kincaid's this one!