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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Bean Truffle Dip

Beans.  They're so good for you.  And, I do love them.  But, on occasion, I get tired of eating them the same way.  In soups and salads.  Sometimes I'm ready for a new way.  I've tried bean dips but for the most they don't do much for me.  So, when I saw this recipe on TravelEatLove's blog, I thought this might be a bean dip I could love. 

Indeed it is.  We discovered white truffle oil a couple of years ago when I needed it for a recipe.  Connie called from the grocery store and said this stuff is $15 for 8 oz.  Do you really want it?  I looked at the recipe and we didn't need much.  Means a little goes a long way and we'd not be using up the bottle really quickly.  So, let's splurge and get some.  That bottle lasted us almost two years.  And, we didn't use the truffle oil judiciously.  It went in LOTS of dishes.  We added it when it wasn't called for.  We got far more than $15 of enjoyment out of it!!!  We bought another bottle last spring so I had the backup ready to go.  Here's the deal with the white truffle oil.  When a savory dish needs a little something but you just can't put your finger on it - oftentimes this will work.  Just add a little.  The flavor is incredible.  It does kind of what soy sauce does.  Adds a depth of flavor that you just can't pin down.

You've probably already guessed, but we loved this dip.  It's super easy to make and the flavor is incredible.  It's actually good for you in a lot of ways.  Beans, lemon juice, garlic.  Your breath?  Not so much :-)

White Bean Truffle Dip


1 can white navy beans, drained and well rinsed
juice of one large lemon (about 2T of juice)
12 roasted garlic cloves
2 T white truffle oil


Toss the garlic with a little olive oil and put it into an oven proof baking dish.  Roast the garlic at about 450 for 20 min.  It'll be very soft and just a little brown.  How's this for a really fuzzy photo???

Juice the lemon.  Remember to roll it on the counter before you cut it.  That'll help release the juice.

Combine all the ingredients in the food processor and process away. 

This is best made the day before it's going to be used.  It can be served with baguette, crackers, crudite, fingers (just kidding but we did lick the spatula thoroughly.)

Many thanks to TravelEatLove for a great recipe and really helpful notes on what she'd do the next time she makes this.  We increased the garlic a bunch but left the lemon the same since our lemon was mongo.


Trix said...

I know - I have a bottle of white truffle oil too and I LOVE it. It has lasted forever, and it truly gives a tired dish a boost of something special. I'll try it in beans next!

blackbookkitchendiaries said...

wow this sounds so lovely... my husband would really love this. thanks for sharing and happy holidays.

The Mom Chef said...

I need to buy some white truffle oil now that I've read this. It seems like it'd a much better investment than the small amount of saffron I got for the same price!

Ang said...

I have always wanted to try the truffle thing. I almost bought some for a roasted chicken and kind of chickened out(no pun intended):) I love bean dip anything. I just need to buck up and purchase this delicate goodness everyone is talking about. Thanks for the inspiration.

Becky said...

i don't have any white truffle oil either, darn! I'll have to get some to make this wonderful dip. it's simple, but sounds so flavorful, especially with the truffle oil.

Claudia said...

I use white truffle oil a lot - but never in a bean dip - what a grand idea. I do love all that mellow roasted garlic. I am suddenly soothed.