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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mike's Eggnog Wonderful recipe

The weather was miserable here a couple of days ago, snow all day.  More like January than December.  Not terribly cold, but an indoor day nevertheless.  Our grandkids were here this weekend and we had a blast!  Our son and daughter-in-law are such great parents and they are raising two wonderful kids.  Wow, that's a shocking announcement from a grandparent!  Do I sound biased?  LOL, I didn't think so. 

As I've mentioned, we are getting ready for some upcoming parties, a Christmas Eve family get together and our annual holiday extravaganza.  It's the holiday season, which not only means parties, it means eggnog!  So, for our early evening cocktail on Sunday we decided to have some eggnog, store bought, not homemade.  Connie went to the net to find a recipe and find one he did!  Mike's Eggnog Wonderful.  Hats off to Mike, whoever he is! 

Connie likes the website  He says that it is a little clunky at times.  I remember him ranting about not having it find Chambord once when he was looking for recipes containing it.  Regardless, it usually turns up some pretty good items to try.  This one sounded great from the get-go.  Not too strong so as to interfere with our preparations and yummy!

One fun side note - the mug in the photos is from one of my favorite places on Cape Cod - Captain Parkers.  Home of the most incredible clam chowder ever.  Rachael Ray did a piece on it for one of her $40 a day episodes so the recipe is on Food Network.  If you have a hankering for the real stuff - made with butter and cream and full of clams, this is the place to go. 

Mike's Eggnog Wonderful
2 drinks


2 oz amaretto almond liqueur (we use DiSaronno)
1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
10 oz eggnog
2 shots whipped cream

Connie's great at following directions, as long as it's exactly what he was going to do anyway.  Believe me, I know exactly what I'm talking about here - lol.  So as it turns out Mike's instructions for the preparation ended up being different from what Connie did.  What was Mike thinking?

Mike says to pour the eggnog into a coffee cup, stir in the amaretto and float the Kahlua on top.  Add the whipped cream and a couple of pinches of nutmeg and you are good to go! 

Connie mixed the eggnog, amaretto and Kahlua over ice and grated fresh nutmeg over the top. 

I guess we'll just have to have another to determine whose recipe is truly the best.  What a tough break, huh? 

So, that's exactly what we did.  And, guess what?  The Kahlua doesn't float.  It kind of dives for the bottom.  We did a taste test to see which we liked better.  Connie's won.  I like contests like that.  A bit gramatically incorrect, but:  More eggnog is more better!

Either way, don't forget to toast the one you love and enjoy!


The Mom Chef said...

This is a drink I can definitely get behind and enjoy. I love eggnog and am always looking for ways to give it a nudge. I love the idea of the kahlua in there. Thanks!

jane deere said...

Oh my gracious...this looks awesome!

Trix said...

Oh my gosh. As if my husband wasn't already addicted to egg nog as it is!! This is like egg nog crack. And thank you for your concern, I am so touched!!


I'll take one for each hand! this looks fantastic!

Monet said...

I am so happy to hear that you were able to enjoy time with your grandkids and family. I'm sure they are all wonderful (just like you!) This eggnog concoction looks like the perfect holiday drink. Thank you for sharing this recipe with me. I hope you have a weekend full of relaxation and fun! Stay warm!

eonyc said...


Lizzy said...

What fabulous additions to eggnog! I'd love a glass of it for my dessert :)

Torviewtoronto said...

looks wonderful happy holidays