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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday Night Sandwiches

A few years ago, I was talking to Mom and said something about fixing those wonderful sandwiches you used to make for us with tuna instead of crabmeat.  I was in the car and she was at her house.  What?  I don't remember those. Sure you do.  They're in the I Hate to Cook Book.  No, I don't remember those.  She finally went to get her copy of the cookbook.  Nope, no crabmeat sandwiches.  You must be mistaken.  I was REALLY certain so I hunted when I got home.  Turns out they're called Friday Night Sandwiches and there's no entry for crabmeat sandwiches.  Go figure.  At least I knew I wasn't losing my mind - as it relates to sandwiches at least :-)  And we had a great laugh when I told her.  Just like now, crabmeat was an indulgence when growing up.  So, Mom swapped out the crabmeat for tuna and we were just as happy.  That's the way I normally make these sandwiches.  Except, last week I had half a can of crabmeat left from another meal and they sounded really good.  So, I made them with crabmeat.  YUM!

The original recipe calls for topping the sandwich with bacon and cheddar cheese.  Proscuitto works just as well and is LOTS less calories...  And, just about any kind of cheese will work.  I love pepper jack or swiss in lieu of the cheddar. 

Friday Night Sandwiches
Serves 2 generously


2 cans tuna (either two water packed or one water packed and one oil packed)
OR 8 oz crabmeat
4 oz can mushroom stems and pieces, drained
2 ribs celery, diced
1 t lemon juice
1 t caraway seeds
2 slices whole wheat bread
cheese, sliced thinly
bacon, cooked and drained or proscuitto

Toast the bread.

Mix the tuna or crabmeat,



lemon juice and caraway seeds. 

Add enough mayonnaise to moisten.  Top the toasted bread with the salad.  Then, lay the bacon or proscuitto on top. 

Top that with the cheese. 

Broil until the cheese is melted and bubbly. 

Adapted from the I Hate to Cook Book


Julia said...

Wow, that is some sandwich! You were right when you said it serves two generously. I can just imagine eating that on a Saturday night at home, with a glass of red wine in front of the television.

Anonymous said...

These make me want to make sandwiches for dinner every Friday...easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing and digging up the recipe! Wishing you a great Thanksgiving :)

Monet said...

Smile. I loved hearing about these infamous crab sandwiches. Memories of eating certain foods from childhood are some of the best! I'm glad that you were able to track down the recipe, and I'm sure this is delicious with crab or tuna. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Thanksgiving!


What an incredible sounding sandwich! This looks like enough for breakfast and lunch the next day!

Tes said...

What a perfect friday night sandwich! It looks really delicous :) said...

mmm... so yummy!!!!! :D

Unknown said...!

I love crab, these look like the perfect weekend nosh!

Annie said...

Those look yummy! I think that I would like the crab meat way better than tuna.

Anonymous said...

Wow look at that sandwich! Delicious!

Amy Bakes Everything said...

Yummy! Easy, too!

sara @ CaffeIna said...

My hubby and I are BIG crabmeat fan so I really need to bookmark this recipes for those nights I do not have much time to cook and still we want something delicious. thanks!

Gay said...

Wow! That's a perfect way to end the week!

Drick said...

always like a good open-fave and this certainly is one Kate, glad you dug it up to share...

kitchenarian said...

This sounds delicious. A hot sandwich is like cooking, but not. I will be making these, but I am not sure I can wait until Friday!