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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Turkey and Cherry Sandwich Minis

Every once in a while I read a recipe and just can't get it out of my mind until I make it.  These sandwiches were one of those recipes.  I bought the cookbook a couple of months ago.  One of those cookbooks that I got home and wondered what in the world I'd been thinking.  The Big Book of Easy Baking.  That sounds like something that someone who LIKES to bake would buy.  Except most of my friends who bake do so from scratch.  They use the real stuff.  You know, like yeast.  Me on the other hand, I use stuff someone else has baked!  Much to my delight, the cookbook has some great recipes.  Most use Pillsbury products.  I've used a lot of their crescent rolls in my life and really love the things.  I just couldn't shake this one recipe.

Saturday we worked all day.  Then, Connie dropped me off at the house to start cooking while he went shopping.  I got tapenade, dill dip, mustard dip, cranberry syrup, clam dip, chipped beef dip, roasted walnuts and a deviled cheese ball done.  You see, the Girls Night Out Holiday party is at our house on Monday.  While Connie plays bridge, I'll be hosting.  It's a pitch-in but I still wanted to make sure there's plenty of food available. 

Sunday, I worked on menus for when Connie's boys visit a bit later this month.  And, for Christmas Eve when we host my whole family.  And for Christmas evening when we're here by ourselves for a quiet evening.  And, for New Years Eve when we have our annual seafood fest.  There's a lot of cooking that's going to be going on!!!!

Sunday afternoon was our last home regular season Colts game.  Yes, we won.  Clinched the division title for the 9th time in 13 years.  And, probably watched Reggie Wayne play his last regular season game.  He's a class act.  I'm going to miss him. 

I was already feeling bummed when I got home to find out that yet another friend has died from melanoma.  Rip was a class ahead of me in high school.  His sister, Leesy, was behind me.  Our great-grandparents were friends.  A lot of tears and yet I had a lot of work to do to get ready for GNO.  Connie had run back to the store for a few things we used up or that the other store didn't have the evening before.  I'd had him buy cherry preserves for the day I wanted to make the sandwiches.  We didn't have the right bread but I didn't care.  They'd be perfect.  Easy.  Flavorful.  And, I had all of the ingredients.

What did we think?  FABULOUS!!!  We tried the blue cheese/bacon/mayo mixture on spinach leaves with and without a spot of the preserves.  Equally wonderful.  Connie'd bought four pepper roasted deli turkey.  I usually buy the honey smoked.  I think his choice was perfect for these.  I've already made more of the bacon/blue cheese/mayo mixture so we can have them again for lunch!

Turkey and Cherry Sandwich Minis


16 small rolls or party rye
2 slices bacon, finely chopped (ok, I cheated and used six...)
3 T mayonnaise
1/4 c crumbled blue cheese
1/4 c cherry preserves
8 oz thinly sliced smoked turkey breast
4 large red lettuce leaves cut into quarters (I used spinach)


Now, the real recipe calls for turning a can of Pillsbury refrigerated crusty French loaf into 16 buns.  Ummm, buying them is much easier.  So, I started with a loaf of party rye.  I needed one for the GNO party.  Connie bought three.  Let's use up the excess!  Brown and drain the bacon.  Mash the mayo and blue cheese together.  Stir in the bacon.  Assemble the sandwiches by spreading some of the mayo/blue cheese mixture on one of the buns. 

Spread some of the cherry preserves on the other.  Layer on turkey and greens.


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