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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Children's Museum

My goodness.  What a busy week.  It started with a visit from our grandkids.  Their dad, David, had a birthday.  They celebrated by coming to Indy and visiting our world class Children's Museum.  Here are a couple of shots from our visit:

 The Dinosphere was one of our favorite places.  Bradley even got to "dig" for dino fossils!

 Both Bradley and Rosie were fascinated to find out that the fossil at the top right was dino poop!

 Mama Kara was the BEST at putting the puzzle people back together.

 Great way to view the cool ceiling

 Serving a strawberry banana milkshake in the Egyptian coffee house required a lot of concentration.
 Rosie taking Mama and Daddy for a ride, then helping Grampy with the Rube Goldberg machine.

We headed back to the house and started getting ready for dinner.  Morel dusted ribeyes for David.  Smashed potatoes for Bradley.  Mac and cheese for Rosie.  And, strawberry torte for Kara.  And, to make sure the dinner wasn't just totally meat, starch and sweet, snow peas from the garden and morel mushrooms.  Both Bradley and Rosie helped pick strawberries:

And, of course David snitched some of the crunchies off the top of the strawberry torte!

So, you're probably wondering what in the world I cooked last week.  Well, I didn't.  At least no new and exciting recipes.  I intentionally grilled two extra ribeyes Sunday evening.  Those leftovers pretty much lasted us all week - at least the evenings we actually got home to eat.  Steak, potato and pepper hash.  Pizza topped with some pizza sauce and the leftover hash.  Salads.  Salads.  Salads.  One was a strawberry margarita salad.  It was good but not fabulous.  I didn't even take any photos...  Friday we actually left the office by 5:30.  But, I didn't get around to thinking about dinner until almost 8:00.  We still had some shitakes left from our friends John and Jackie.  And, yes, we still had a half of a ribeye...  Time for steak and mushroom risotto.  Now, that link is to shitake and duck risotto.  I changed that recipe up by leaving out the duck and the duck fat.  The chicken stock was replaced by turkey stock.  The duck fat by butter.  Then, once the steaming hot risotto was In the bowls, I tossed a small handful of steak chunks on each.  The heat didn't cook the steak but warmed it perfectly. 

So, there you have it.  A week of no food photos or new recipes...  But, Secret Recipe Club is coming up on Monday so you'll get to see the FABULOUS recipe I made this evening!


Debra Eliotseats said...

I love when family is here but the best things to make are salads and reheats or crockpot fare. Looks like you all had a lovely time---lots so memories. Was that Chihuly glass?

Kate said...

Yes, that's Chihuly glass, Debbie. Its' stunning! Have you seen the bridge in Washington with all the glass? It's even better than this...

Liz Berg said...

Hey there, stranger! Your muffins look amazing!!! Such a delicious combo. We've been traveling to see family most of June...can't wait to be at home for a couple weeks. Miss seeing you and Connie.