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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ham, Brie and Black Raspberry Melts

Connie bought me a new cookbook a couple of weeks ago.  It's all about grilled cheese.  One of my very favorite dishes.  We've always been the type who'd try anything on grilled cheese.  Mix up four different kinds of cheese.  Add salami or pickles.  Add cole slaw.  It's made for some wonderful dishes.  And, some that could best be described as interesting - lol. 

Needless to say, the cookbook got me really hungry for melted cheese.  Brie in particular.  Now, I'm not sure why but that's what it was that I wanted - brie.  I'd also used some black raspberry preserves from Huber Farms for our Fig and Prosciutto Salad.  That meant I had an open jar of fantastic preserves.  Brie and black raspberry.  Hmmm, sounds like a winner to me.  So, what meat would be best?  Ham, of course. 

This morning I packed up food for three meals at the office - pepper steak for an evening meal, ham and brie sandwiches and an oriental chicken salad.  Well, I forgot the waterchestnuts.  Darn the luck.  I'd have to fix the ham and brie sandwiches for lunch.  Actually, timing wise it worked out well because I had a conference call at 11:00 and another coming up at 1:00 so I needed to keep my nose to the grindstone and not spend half an hour in the kitchen chopping oriental veggies...

What did we think?  I almost wish I didn't have the chicken for the salad.  Although I know it's much better for me than another one of these sandwiches, I'd much rather have a repeat of this tomorrow.  But, there's always Thursday, now isn't there?

Ham, Brie and Black Raspberry Melts


2 slices of bread
6 thin slices of ham
3 thin slices of brie
1 T black raspberry jam


Toast the bread.  Schmear on the jam.  Pile on the ham.  Top with the brie slices. 

Broil until the brie is nice and melty but hasn't melted down totally.  Serve warm.


Katerina said...

They are quick and with the melted cheese so delicious! I couldn't ask for more!

Lizzy said...

Oh, yum! I want to eat lunch at the office with you!!!