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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Flu

One of the worst things about being a foodie and having the flu is that the list of dining possibilities goes from virtually unlimited to umm, about nil.  Last week I was really, really tired.  Like, bone tired.  I attributed it to working too hard.  There were twice as many appointments on my calendar as there would be in a perfect world.  That can be attributed to the fact that Amber's back and is getting my scheduling caught up.  She was my admin for several years and is as close to perfect as they come.  She's going back to school three days a week for a year and is working for me three days a week.  Her predecessor is truly a delightful human being but was in totally the wrong job for her skill set.  'Nuff said. We'd been invited to Columbus to spend a weekend with the grandkids.  And, we're down to basically one car.  After six months of discussion, we've finally determined what we want to do about another car but we probably won't find the time to go do it until after tax day.  You see, it came down to the fact that I love my car and want another one just like it but newer if Connie takes mine.  But, the back seat doesn't lay down which makes hauling things virtually impossible.  Ergo, that plan doesn't work.  And, now that the power steering is gone in Connie's car we've got to quit dithering and get it done.  Don't you love all these major decisions?  Ugh, me neither.  Alright.  That pretty much sets the stage.  I had to much to do to be able to take two days off and I had no way to get back and forth from the office.  Therefore, I needed to pack up a storage box and four briefcases of work and schlep them home.  Done. 

Saturday I thought I'd plow through a bunch of appointment prep and half of the 400 or so emails gracing my inbox.  I was on slow motion.  Everything ached.  Sunday was worse.  I slept in then took a couple hour long nap.  Connie got home at 4:00 and I went to bed for good.  Got to see the last 57 seconds of the Super Bowl.  I guess that was the part that really counted anyway!  I must say here, that I am SO proud of Indianapolis!!  Let's just leave it that I slept 32 of the 48 hours from Sunday at 4 to Tuesday at 4:00.  Then, I was right back in bed Tuesday evening...  Along the way I was very grateful for the containers of homemade chicken stock in my freezer.  Connie headed to the grocery and got honey greek yogurt and bananas and ginger ale. 

Which brings me to the point of all of this.  One, I've totally neglected my blog.  And, two, aren't we lucky that we have all of the food choices we have?  Look at the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we can pick up at the groceryIt's absolutely amazing how the choices have changed since I was a kid.


Kath said...

Hope you're feeling better by now, Kate!

Lizzy said...

Ugh. There's never a good time to have the flu. So glad you've recovered~