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Monday, February 1, 2010


Last week was a week of revisions to old favorites...  After our Sam's club run, we had plenty of goodies in the refrigerator.  I got home Friday evening and was surprised to see Connie's car in the garage.  Usually he's at a bridge lesson about that time.  So, we had a chance for a quick dinner before his bridge game. 

Burgers.  About as quick as it gets.  I took a handful of very lean ground beef and threw it in a bowl with a handful of crumbled blue cheese.  Poured a couple of tablespoons of Andria's Steak Sauce over it and mixed it.  I'd decided to get some onions sauteed for a couple of other dishes, so a big skillet-full of onions was melting away - and smelling awesome.  There was some thick-cut bacon to be used up so I had another skillet of that going.  Hmm, good burger toppings.  Once the burgers were done, I topped them with some sauteed onions, a couple of slices of bacon and drizzled them with barbecue sauce.

Chicken Elegante Sandwiches.  Chicken elegante is normally served over rice.  But, I was in the office and didn't have a way to cook rice.  Had the leftover chicken from Thursday.  So, I took a box of frozen, chopped broccoli and thawed it.  Mixed it with half a can of lowfat cream of chicken soup, an equal amount of lowfat sour cream, some ground pepper and a bit of garlic and a sprinkle of dried minced onion (normally the seasoning is thyme but we didnt' have any in the office.  Then, I tossed in a handful of crumbled blue cheese.  Toasted some bread, schmeared it with a bit of Durkees, put slices of chicken on top of that then topped the chicken with some of the broccoli mixture and some shredded romano cheese and broiled the whole shebang.  Turned out we liked the revision as well as the original!

Crab Sandwiches.  Our buddies Nancy and Jeff couldn't go out Saturday when Jeff had to work late at the last minute.  So, I wanted an ultra quick dinner.  Crabmeat salad sandwiches.  Just mixed celery, diced waterchestnuts and some lowfat may with crabmeat and served them on toasted bread with a couple of slices of cooked bacon and some melted truffle cheese.

Crabmeat Omelets.  For Sunday brunch, I took the leftover crab salad and used it in omelets.  Whipped eggs with lowfat sour cream, some tarragon and some shredded mozzarella.  Made omelets then topped them with crab salad and some steamed asparagus.

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